5 Genius Life Hacks From People Who Are Clearly Living In The Future

Stare In Wonder At 5 People Who Are Clearly Living In The Future

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You know those moments when you realise you’ve been doing something completely wrong your entire life? Where you realise people really do be out there living their best lives in 3008 while the rest of us are just so 2000-and-late?

When you feel like your mind’s in second gear, it’s motivating to admire guys and gals like these, who are straight-up living in the damn future, right under our noses, bringing their mental A-game when it matters most.

So, if you’re having a slow start to your morning or searching for some inspo to kick your mind up a notch, let’s collectively stare in wonder at five people who are clearly living in the future.

#1 This Dude Who Changed The Noodle Game Forever

OK y’all, it’s no secret that noodles are a mess. They’re slippery, long-as-hell and, if you’re wearing a white shirt, it’s over for you. Sorry, I don’t make the noodle rules, I just drop facts.

That is, of course, until this guy flipped the entire game and brought scissors into the equation – the result is nothing short of magical.

I mean are you kidding me? Look at that seamless technique. He’s over there acting chill, snipping those noodles so calmly, like he didn’t just change the world’s trajectory forever. We stan.

#2 The Chick Who Turned School Bubblers Boujee

Uh, is this what private school is?

This is straight-up genius – treat yourself, sis! There’s nothing that says you have to drink that regular old water fountain water. Add some lemon, love yourself, live your truth, get those antioxidants.

This person invented lemons and being healthy, can you believe?

#3 OK, Whose Dad Is This?

There are times in life where you just have to improvise in order to get a job done.

See, sometimes you won’t have access to a hedge trimmer, so you’ll need to duct tape your lawn mower to a stick and trim those hedges like a beast.

But for real, whose dad is this? I’m not mad, I just wanna talk.

#4 This Straight-Up Genius Who Discovered The Ultimate Shopping Hack

Online shopping is hard. The sizing is always a little off, it’s difficult to know what’s going to suit you based purely off of pictures, and you’re never going to know if you truly like something until you try it on IRL.

That is, of course, until this man travelled back in time from the future to school us on this life hack.

WHY IS THIS SO DUMB YET MAKES TOTALLY AND COMPLETE SENSE? Nothing has ever been so ridiculous yet clearly the simplest and most perfect solution to buying shoes online.

I need to lie down. This brilliance is too much to handle at the present time.

#5 When Your Brother Is Using The Car

TFW you’re late to class but your brother is using the car and you need to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

No car, no problem? You don’t need a vehicle when you have a blower vacuum strapped on your back and an umbrella to sail you in the right direction.

Talk about bringing your mental A-game when you need it most!

When you need to drink it through, a Dare’ll fix it.