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All The Times Lili Reinhart Was The Riverdale Meme Queen Of Twitter

Lili Reinhart (AKA Betty Cooper) is hands down the queen of Riverdale memes and she is generous with her gift. Lili’s live tweeting throughout the first season of Riverdale gave us life and we are ready to live it again.

To be frank I feel like she is the funniest out of everyone in the Riverdale cast. Cole Sprouse is potentially on par and maybe that’s what makes them such a perfect fit (please let bughead be real guys).

But Lili wins all the awards for being an absolute champ and live tweeting her own homemade memes for every Riverdale episode. Cheers mate, you’re a real hero and we loved each and every one.

For context, Lili’s tweets are always fire content. always.

For instance:

Lili gets it. And she knows what she is:

So we are hoping for the same commitment to meme-making that we saw last season:

The question remains…

Will Lili be live tweeting season two of Riverdale???

For now, let’s enjoy all the times Lili was the #1 Riverdale Meme Queen and indulge in some season one nostalgia:

We. Are. Ready.

You’re doing great sweetie.

Shrek n’ Chill

Yea nah.

I’m a star.

In need of Trump trigger warnings tbh.


Sass level 3000.

*Accidentally double taps*

Cya m8.

Tumblr ammirite.


It’s not a phase, mom.

Too pure for this earth.

Oh reallllly!


How can we be expected to live like this?

“Not getting involved…”

What dudes think all girls are like…


Oh plz do tell me more.

When dudebros ‘apologise’.

Lili + Cole 4eva #BUGHEAD.

Oh the theories.

Ready for the next Riverdale mystery please.

True story.

Bring on bad Betty (get this girl a leather jacket).


Well done Lili.

We appreciate your hard work and sacrifice.

Keeeen af for season two Riverdale back on Netflix on October 12!

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