Solena Gomez - Fetish

Listen: Selena Gomez’s New Song ‘Fetish’ Just Dropped And It’s Very Seductive

Selena just dropped her new song ‘Fetish’ and it’s an A+ sultry banger. She’s definitely grown out of her Disney roots and has added a whole lotta sexy to her undeniable sweetness.  

‘Fetish’ features Gucci Mane and and Selena’s vocals sounding as seductive as ever. The song immerses you with the steady beat and sensual hook as Selena sings:

“You’ve got a fetish for my love. I push you out and you come right back”

The track definitely follows the age old maxim that sex sells.

‘Fetish’ does a good job at expressing the feeling of being drunk on the power you can have over a lover and Selena sounds like she’s enjoying herself. You can listen on Spotify or hit up the audio on YouTube and enjoy the sensual visuals of Selena’s mouth for a glorious 3 minutes while we wait for her to release the more elaborate ‘Fetish’ music video. Turnnn it up and watch out for the lip biting.

WATCH: Sela Gomez – ‘Fetish’


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