This Lizzie McGuire Twitter Account Is The Best Throwback And You’re Welcome

Lizzie McGuire is one of the best characters that the Disney channel/TV has ever given us, and this Twitter account is 100 percent honouring her legacy.

If you miss Lizzie McGuire, which surely we all do, then fear not as she lives on through this (fan created) Lizzie McGuire Twitter account: @ImLizzieM. This is what dreams are made of…

It’s all the throwback content you need to satisfy your Lizzie/Hilary Duff fix and it never fails to deliver.

This Twitter ‘Lizzie’ is still salty af about Paolo (who isn’t?) and is dishing out that relentless bitterness. The sass is too real. They know Lizzie and Duff are bloody legends and isn’t afraid to say it.

Throw 90’s teen queen Lizzie McGuire together with modern internet and meme culture and we have ourselves a treat.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the real queen of the screen, the real queen of pop, the real queen of style and the timelessly relevant icon that is, Lizzie freakin’ McGuire. And of course, the girl behind the legend, the one and only Hilary Duff.

These tweets are just a taste of the deliciously nostalgic content coming to you from my new fave Twitter account, so please enjoy:


Lizzie was the first person to do anything ever.

Lizzie invented fashion tbh.

Lizzie stressin’ is mood.

Never forget.

Sometimes Lizzie made bad choices too #relatable.

But she always got woke in the end. Speaking of Paulo, fuck that guy.

Lizzie launched a career and we can thank her for bringing us Hilary Duff bops.

Such inspo.

Thank you for keeping the dream alive @ImLizzieM, you are truly doing god’s work.

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