Locky & Irena On Their Connection, Heading Back To WA, & All The Bachy Rumours

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Last night Australia watched as Locky Gilbert declared his love to Irena Srbinovska on The Bachelor finale.

The happy couple confirmed after the episode they’re still together and very much in love, but it was only this week that they finally got to see each other in person for the first time since shooting the finale, due to the coronavirus pandemic keeping them apart.

The couple credits honesty and communication for navigating them through the murky waters of watching this season of The Bachelor back, especially with Locky controversially telling both Irena and runner-up Bella Varelis that he had fallen in love with them. Locky was also quick to dimiss any tabloid fodder that has followed him around since his days of being crowned the nation’s Bachelor, saying “you just have to realise these people are doing it to be relevant.”

We spoke to Locky and Irena about watching the show back, what’s next for them, and whether Irena has been able to say “no” to Locky.

On Locky also professing his love to Bella:

Irena: “Locky and I spoke about it pretty much as soon as we stopped filming. Locky was really open and honest with me about what happened between him and Bella and prepared me for what I was going to see. Obviously, you don’t want to see the guy you’re in love with tell someone else the same, but watching it back last night I was OK. I completely trust in my connection with Locky and our love for each other and that’s all that matters. It was easier for me than it was for Locky. ”

Locky: “Watching it back I remember those feelings and how hard it was. But I feel how I am now and all my love is for Irena and that was pretty much started as soon as I told her I want to spend the rest of my life with her. The reason I told both of them I love them was because I was just being true to myself, and me breaking down crying was just being true again. I was the only one who cried at the finale! So that was a bit rough. But the fact people think we’re acting or it’s all put on, if I was putting it on, I’d put on a better cry face. I’m a pretty ugly crier! It’s all completely real and that’s exactly how I felt and I couldn’t bear what I was about to do but it had to be done.”

On whether Locky had to fess up to Irena about anything else before the show aired:

Locky: “I think Irena knew the connection I had with all the girls, it was just the L-bomb at the end. But we talked about it, and it’s all fine now.”

Irena: “I never spoke to Locky about the other girls (while in the house). My time with him was so limited and I just wanted to focus on our relationship and our future.”

On all the rumours surrounding Locky’s love life before the show, and during lockdown:

Locky: “It’s hard because what do you classify as an ex, someone you’ve met at a party or someone that you’ve talked to? It’s difficult because people have all these different stories trying to get into the limelight and stuff like that, but Irena and I have talked about that and she knows everything about my past and we’re just ready to move on. Hopefully everyone else can move on with their life.”

On whether Irena says “no” to Locky:

Irena: “I’ve said no to him many times! I’m getting some good practice.”

Locky: “It’s actually worked out perfect, the time we’ve spent outside of the house I’ve learned so much more about Irena and I just fall more in love with her every day.”

On whether Locky needs someone to say no to him because of his adventurous side or if he needs it in everyday life:

Locky: “It’s kind of both! I’ll do anything, there’s no real limit to what I do. But if it’s going to hurt someone else or it’s going to make things more difficult, I need someone to tell me no. Then I think about it and I’ll probably try and go against it, but with Irena as soon as she tells me something I’m going to do it for her.”

On the best and worst part of finding each other on a show like The Bachelor:

Irena: “I think the best part is we’ve gotten to share our crazy and special love story to everyone. I think the downside is everything is out in the open and it’s open for everyone’s interpretation, and reading everyone’s opinions has been really difficult. Obvuously there will be good and bad things said, but we’re trying to take away all the positives and focus on our future together.”

Locky: “This is what we signed up for, I’m not saying don’t do it, let me have it, if you’ve got something to say I’ll probably see it, but that’s what comes with the big job.”

Irena: “I think it’s easier for me to switch off.”

Locky: “You get into this hole where you’re just reading comments and it’s like ‘I don’t even know you but you’ve watched me on TV so I guess we’re pretty close now!’ It’s just the randoms that think they’ve got something to do with your life and they try and jump on board and say all this stuff and it’s like… I barely know who you are.”

Irena: “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and when you put yourself on a reality TV show you do open yourself up for that. But we’re kind of blocking all of that out at the moment.”

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And on what’s next for Irena and Locky:

Locky: “We plan on being in Sydney, just being together, going for a hike, then making our way back to WA, and once we’re back there, just life as normal!”