cangro long lashes eyelash enhancer review

I Tried An Eyelash Serum To See If It Actually Works & I’m A Little Shook By The Results

Like a lot of beauty product trends that come and go, I’ve never had much faith in eyelash growth serums.

I decided long ago that eyelash serums were simply a placebo and that people who used them looked after their eyelashes more thoroughly, which in turn made their eyelashes longer and healthier so the results you’d see from the serums had nothing to do with the product. This hypothesis was mostly based on the fact I couldn’t be bothered trying one out, and I watch too many conspiracy theory videos on YouTube.

While I’ve always wanted to try a serum, I’m usually wearing mascara most days of the week — which makes my eyelashes look long/thick enough — so I just didn’t see the point. But this year, I decided to commit to test one out, and it happened to coincidentally coincide with the pandemic, so I got to try out a serum while not wearing mascara for a large part of the past two months.

This is the eyelash serum I tried:

  • CanGro Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer, RRP $89

Long Lashes helps to stimulate, strengthen and condition your eyelashes by the formula of vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants penetrating your lash follicles. The website claims:

“Long Lashes is an eyelash enhancer that helps nourish and repair your lashes, leaving them looking longer, thicker and fuller in as little as 4 to 8 weeks (full results seen around 12 weeks).”

Applying a lash serum sounds easy enough, you just paint it along your lash line like liquid eyeliner, but you have to commit to brushing it on EVERY DAMN NIGHT for three months to see results. I got in the habit of putting it on right before jumping into bed because at first I’d forget and then jolt out of my slumber at 2am to quickly apply it… but eventually, it became second nature to put it on.

Now, drumroll please…

Did it actually work?

At first, I was checking my progress week by week, and I didn’t notice any major changes. I did observe that my lashes weren’t falling out as often and they appeared much healthier, but it wasn’t until I compared before/after images from when I first started applying the serum to now, that I realised how dramatic the difference was.


cangro long lashes eyelash enhancer

Ooft! You can clearly see the improvement. The left image was taken three months ago, and my lashes were short, thin, and extremely sparse. Then on the right image, taken after three months of using the Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer, my lashes are not only thicker and longer, but way more plentiful. Them lashy bois are fluttery!


cangro long lashes eyelash enhancer review

The same for my left eye. There was a significant change in the volume of eyelashes, and my lashes were much thicker, and a couple of millimetres longer. I honestly don’t even have to wear mascara, if I wanted to rock a natural look.


This product is legit. My eyelashes were noticeably healthier, thicker, and longer, and I had many more eyelashes in general by the end of the three months. I will say, however, that applying a product every day is a pain in the ass, so low-maintenance beauty buyers might find growth serums to be too much work — you might just want to invest in a good mascara.

But if you’re desperate to rejuvenate your lashes, add natural volume/length, but don’t want to spend big on eyelash extensions, then this serum could be a lifesaver.