This Straight Baller Took His Cat To Prom, Is Every Single One Of Us

Getting a date to prom can be an unnecessary stress, why not take someone that is truly deserving of your love- like your adorable cat.

That’s the logic followed by 18-year-old from Maryland Sam Steingard– who looks a helluva lot like Australia’s Joel Creasey. This lad couldn’t find a date so decided to take his cat Ruby instead. Why not? She’s a total babetown hottie.

Of course because of the internet, the pure love between the two has been photoshopped to shit, and here are some of the best:

On their wedding day

Via Elite Daily

The wedding night (cover your eyes)

Via Capital FM

The other woman

Via Capital FM

Via Capital FM

Either way Ruby is looking precious- like a Disney princess. Magic carpet ready.

Header via Facebook.

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