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It’s Time To Delete Tinder, ‘Love Island’ Is Officially Casting For Season 3

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Sick of swiping left on Tinder? Tired of making the first move on Bumble? Bored of trying to think of interesting answers to the Hinge prompts?

No, this isn’t a sad excerpt from my diary, this is us telling you that Love Island Australia is officially casting for Season 3 of the series!

If you’re someone who has officially exhausted your dating pool, then it could be time to get cracking on that Love Island application. What’s the worst that can happen?

Picture it: a nice retreat (even if you have to share a big bedroom with a bunch of strangers), lots of pool time, some good-looking peeps, a chance to interact with Sophie Monk, and the possibility to fall in love — what more could you ask for?

Love Island‘s executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis, told 9Now that the show is looking for people between the ages of 18-32, who completely “own who they are” and really be themselves.

“We want people to find love, that is absolutely what we want. We’re not in the business of stumping love and trying to get people to break up. We want them to find love, then we want to test that love and we ultimately want love to win,” Alex said. “A hundred per cent we are actively looking for a diverse cast in all forms.”

Love Island Season 3 will be filmed in Australia due to Covid-19 restrictions. For all those interested you can apply right HERE.