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‘Love Island’ Viewers Are Truly Baffled By Jess & Aaron’s Nipple-Slip Breakup

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Love Island’s most longstanding couple are over before they even began. On last night’s episode, Jess and Aaron broke up after getting into a deeply petty fight.

So what was this breakup-worthy argument about? Well, it came about after Jess had a nip-slip and didn’t like how Aaron looked at her after it happened. That’s it! Jess told Zoe that he gazed at her “in disgust” after her boob almost came out of her dress, however many viewers reckon he just looked uncomfortable or awkward.

Jess confronted Aaron about it and it didn’t go well.

After their fight, during the night Jess told Aaron in bed that “I don’t think I can do this with you anymore,” which sounded an awful lot like she was breaking up with him… in the middle of the night. Aaron replied, “What? Are you serious?” to which Jess replied, “Yeah.”

The following morning, Jess told the girls that she didn’t think she and Aaron could come back from this fight (about a nipple-slip?!) as she is “really turned off” him.

Aaron confided in Mitch, telling his villa bestie that “I feel like I’m getting played like a fool a little bit. I’ve done nothing bad. I’ve given her all my energy. All my attention.”

By the end of the day, it appeared that Jess and Aaron were over. Obviously arguments in relationships are deeply personal, but viewers couldn’t help but notice that, unlike Aaron, Jess was putting in zero effort to actually mend their relationship. It felt like she was just using this petty fight as an excuse to end their relationship, mere days after the two had become exclusive.

Love Island fans are equal parts baffled and furious with how Jess has handled her breakup with Aaron:

After their conversation, while Jess had drinks with her friends, Aaron sat alone swiping through photos of happier times of the two together. He then revealed in his confessional that “I’ve poured my heart out in here and she does not care. I can’t do another day in here. I’m done.”

At the fire pit after Ben was eliminated, Aaron stood up to announce he would also be leaving. “I’ve got something to say as well,” he begun. “Jess obviously we started off rocky and it was hard at the start, but we did have very good times and I saw some great qualities that I’ve never seen in anyone before. We definitely had something good but I guess in the last two days, I’ve really seen a lot that I don’t want and a lot of me that I don’t like.

“I feel like I need to be true to myself. I feel like I need to be true to you guys, and I feel like how I felt in the last two days has been probably the worst I felt in a very long time.”

Ultimately, Aaron said that he didn’t want to feel like he was a “burden” to the rest of the islanders by staying on the show when he was unhappy. It would have been a tough call to make, but Aaron was not handling all of the tension with Jess.

Viewers have applauded Aaron for taking care of his own mental health:

With Aaron leaving the villa, viewers will not soon forget how Jess handled the whole situation.

Love Island airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 9 and 9Now.