Eoghan Got Dumped From ‘Love Island’ & Viewers Are Extremely Hyped About It

Last night the Love Island villa bid goodbye to Eoghan, who was dumped in a surprise elimination and viewers are pretty damn hyped about.

Here’s some of Eoghan’s most memorable moments. He repeatedly boasted about how all the women in the villa want him and fight over him. He grabbed Isabelle’s ass when he kissed her blindfolded, which she later complained was too full on. He acted like a toddler when Jessie tried to have an adult conversation with him. Then finally last night, he tried to leave before the girls voted, which many people on Twitter said was purely to avoid a public dumping.

In short: he was annoying AF. Viewers of the show have increasingly grown frustrated with Eoghan for how he treated Jessie and the egotistical way he spoke when around the boys. It was all pretty toxic to watch.

In a tense recoupling last night, it ended with besties Matt and Eoghan facing off against one another, as the last three remaining members of the Bomb Squad voted Matt to stay in the villa.

In the end, poetic justice was Eoghan’s undoing. Despite his efforts to go for Matt’s original match Jordan, she later backflipped on her decision realising she had more fun with Matt and the women agreed it was Eoghan’s time to go.

Viewers are absolutely stoked Eoghan got dumped from Love Island:

With Eoghan dumped, there’s no obvious villains left in the series which is a blessing and a curse.