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LOLZ: The ‘Love Island’ Finale Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

The finale of Love Island touched down on our tellies tonight as Sophie Monk decided to rock up to the villa (for once) to declare which couple were the winners and would take home $50k.

It all came down to Erin and Eden versus Tayla and Grant, the two strongest couples in the competition. In the end Tayla and Grant took the title and shared the prize pool, ringing in the end to the season.

Love Island might be over, but the screenshot of Eden and Erin’s losing faces will live on forever.

Here’s the finale of Love Island retold through its funniest tweets:

We finally saw what that funny voiceover guy looks like and HELLO, he’s a hunny.

Viewers were forced to watch everyone speak to their parents and no one cared.

Josh and Amelia were left in third place and it was a crime against justice.

Tbh most people just REALLY didn’t want Eden and Erin to win.

But luckily Grant and Tayla won and it was a beautiful moment.

What a magnificent end to a one helleva season…

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