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Josh From ‘Love Island’ Asked Amelia To Be His GF In The Cutest Way & We’re Sobbing

Love Island’s true winners third placed couple Josh and Amelia are officially official. Josh asked his reality TV match to be his girlfriend overnight and she said ‘YES’.

But because the boys of the villa like to propose bae-ship in the most extra way possible, Josh arranged to surprise Amelia with candles spelling out those five special words.


Amelia shared a post and walked us through the whole proposal and holy shit, Josh is setting the bar mighty high for all my future relationships.

Amelia posted a replay of the whole thing:

“Josh invited me over tonight, his housemate greeted me at the door (slightly more excited than usual) THEN leads me outside where Josh’s other housemate is playing guitar and I SEE MA MAN standing there with flowers and CANDLES that wrote “will you be my girlfriend”,” she wrote.

This is so damn cute. Josh and Amelia are perfect. No arguments. I’m 100% invested in their relationship lasting forever.