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Lexy From ‘Love Island’ Just Spilled Piping Tea About Ryan, Tayla, & Her Feud With Rachael

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Lexy Thornberry had a rough time on this year’s Love Island.

Reality TV fans truly felt for Lexy when Ryan Reid quickly ditched her during Casa Amor for new girl Tayla Mellington. While Lexy recoupled with Ben Giobbi, they ended up clashing so their relationship was short-lived. Ryan and Tayla split in the villa before getting dumped, and Lexy was also dumped before the finale.

Since leaving the villa, Lexy has become embroiled in a beef with early eliminee Rachael Evren after the self-described geek posted a shady TikTok about her Love Island ex, Chris Graudins. Lexy defended Chris in a comment on a Facebook fan page, writing “Making videos like this to deliberately bring him down says more about Rachael than him”. Oop!

As is the tradition among reality TV stars, Lexy has just launched a YouTube channel and christened the page by posting a Q&A to address some of her fan’s questions.

Here’s the most piping Love Island tea spilled from Lexy’s Q&A about Ryan, Tayla, Ben, and Rachael:

On whether she saw a future with Ryan before Casa Amor:

“If Casa Amor didn’t happen, I think me and Ryan would have stayed together for the entire show, but I don’t think we would have dated in the outside world,” she said.

“To be completely honest, I was having so many doubts about me and Ryan’s relationship. I just kept getting a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. I don’t know how to describe it, but I just kept getting the urge to run. Those feelings only changed when it was between me and Rachael to go home and Rachael ended up getting dumped from the villa — seeing Ryan cry for me when he thought I was going to go home made me really open up to him.”

On whether she’s currently friends with Ryan:

“No. Me and Ryan haven’t spoken since the villa, so I don’t think we’re friends. But I actually did want to be his friend after Casa Amor, but he burnt that bridge quickly. Let me tell you: I think Ryan thought it would be easier for us to hate each other, rather than be friends and get along since we lived together. So we were in constant arguments and that ruined any chance for me and him to become friends.”

On whether she wants to get back together with Ryan:

“There was absolutely no chance that I was going to try and get back with Ryan after Casa Amor. No chance! Standards ladies, you’ve got to have them.”

On what wasn’t shown from Lexy’s relationship with Ryan before Casa Amor:

“I’m going to share some tea on this! So before Casa Amor, the day before Casa Amor to be exact, me and Ryan did a compatibility test, as you may have seen. What you didn’t see was that I asked Ryan ‘Do you see me in your life after we leave the villa?’ and he said “Yes.’ He also said [laughs] he would move to Queensland, so it was very very misleading.

“That’s a bit of context as to why I was so confused in Casa Amor over who I should choose,” she said.

“I think it’s funny that Ryan keeps going around telling people that he told me all of his worries before Casa Amor, but that’s not true. I think the way I acted in Casa Amor kind of proves that I had absolutely no idea about any of these worries he was talking about. I just think that was a thing he made up to save his ass, [and] to look like less of a villain on the show.”

On what she thinks of Tayla:

“At the end of the day, Ryan had loyalty to me — Tayla didn’t. It’s not the girl’s fault. I don’t blame the girl, I blame the guy. It was Ryan’s choice and I didn’t want Tayla to feel like an outsider. And then I met her and I was like, ‘Oh my god, dammit, this chick is actually awesome!’ It would have been a little good if she was a bit of a bitch, but she’s so nice!”

On where she now stands with Ben:

“After the villa, I’ve seen that Ben has been talking smack about me. So if you’re seeing this Ben, I’m coming for you!” she joked. “I personally didn’t think Ben was portrayed as nasty on TV, I think all my anger bursts were shown and not his! I wasn’t the only one making nasty comments, everyone is saying I treated Ben like dirt, but I didn’t. Let me just say that I was angry for a reason.”

On her rumoured feud with Rachael:

“When I left the villa, I saw that Rachael was being really supportive and I felt all happy, like ‘Yay! She’s being nice! I can’t wait to see her.’ But then I got a call from a few different people and they told me she had not been saying nice stuff about me at all, and that really sucked — especially [from] her, as she’s been in the villa, she knows what it’s like in there. She knows how different things are shown. I just thought it was really uncalled for, and it wasn’t her place to say any of that about me.

“Then getting back to the TikTok drama of it all: Rachael posted a TikTok about Chris, I don’t even know what it was about, but it made Chris get so many hate comments, like tons and tons of hate comments. Me and Chris and Zoe were like the three best friends in the villa, so I just decided to comment… Basically her video was making Chris get hate for no reason at all. He was never a jerk to her, he was soo kind to her in the villa, like he is a great guy.

“He is a one girl, one girl only. He is a great person to be in a relationship with, I see how he treats Zoe — he’s great! But because of this TikTok, people are thinking he has a player or f-boy persona, and it was just so unfair,” Lexy said.

“I don’t think there’s beef, I’m just saying I’m annoyed she talked down on me when I was in the villa. And I’m annoyed that she keeps talking down on Chris when he does not deserve it whatsoever — and she knows that. There’s the tea.”

On a rumour that Jess took the prize money from Aaron in a finale prerecording:

“No! I don’t know how this became a rumour.”

On whether people played up for the cameras:

“There were a few people who were performing purely for camera time, and it was just so awkward and obvious that they were doing that. It was like, ‘Hey! Act normal!’, but in saying that, the people that did perform for the cameras were eliminated pretty much at the start.”

On being interested in Nick while in the villa:

“I would have gone for Nick if I wasn’t with Ryan. When Nick was leaving the villa, I went up to him and said ‘You and me should have coupled up.’ And I meant it, sue me!” she joked.

“When Nick was in the villa, it was so hard to resist that and not flirt because I was being 100% loyal to Ryan. If only I could have told the future, I should have just gone for it, honestly. So Nick, hi, this is me hitting on you.”

Watch Lexy’s full Q&A below: