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The ‘Love Island’ Girls United To Defend Tayla After Grant Posted A Stupid Video

Grant from Love Island continues to redefine the word Crapp:  Over the weekend he posted a video which seemed to defend his actions with Tayla and his pre-villa ex, who he recently reunited with.

For some reason, Grant posted an old video of the lie detector challenge during the series, which looks to have been edited.

In the clip, Grant is asked by Millie if he’s ever cheated on a partner. He responds ‘no’ and the lie detector response says he is telling the truth.

Ain’t that the truth. Have a good weekend ✌🏼

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We don’t really get the point of this. Even if Grant didn’t cheat on his ex with Tayla – which is obvi none of our business and tbh we really don’t get a fuck at this point – he did get back together with his ex not long after he and Tayla split.

You might just want to sit TF down, buddy.

The video did not go unnoticed by the Love Island sisterhood, who have called him out.

Millie did not mince her words, commenting on the post:

Next up, Cassidy let him have it:

Finally, Erin jumped in, saying that Cassidy #dodgedabullet splitting with Grant on Love Island: 

I personally love when women unite to defeat a common threat or in this case, a total fuckboi.

It’s empowering AF. I feel like I just bought my first bra.