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This Week’s ‘Love Island’ Proved It Will Never Be As Good As The UK Series

Before this week, I was absolutely loving the current season of Love Island.

There have been some massive improvements already made compared to season one. First up, the casting is much better, with a more interesting mix of contestants compared to last year’s bunch of basic white people.

The series’ biggest villains so far, Maurice and Vanessa, were voted out relatively early, which is a stark contrast to last year’s gaslighter Grant, who didn’t just stay throughout the series but won it.

One of my main criticisms of last year’s season was that they didn’t do a Casa Amor style couple split. For those that don’t watch the UK series, every season a few weeks into the show, the couples are separated and one group is sent to Casa Amor: a separate villa. They then send in new boys and girls to mingle before a suspenseful recoupling ceremony which sees each contestant choosing to stay in their original couple or matching with a new islander.

It’s some of the best drama the series serves all season. I don’t think I’ll even forget the expression on Amber’s face when she saw Michael walk in with Joanna on his arm on this year’s UK season.

It was savage but in all fairness, Amber had every chance to choose a different guy. Each season many of the women decide to couple up with new guys just as often as the OG guys do. They all have the equal opportunity to rematch, but this week on Love Island Australia, the girls were royally screwed over by the series and the introduction of the ‘Bomb Squad’.

Five new girls were sent into the villa, while the remaining girls were sent to stay in the tiny hideaway room on their own. The OG girls were then sent daily reminders of what the boys were up to, before last night’s brutal ceremony where the ladies learned whether their match had ditched them and whether they’d be evicted as a result.

This ended with Jessie of all people left vulnerable and on the chopping block. Fans are bloody furious.

Jessie has had a tough time in the villa, from being matched to Maurice then to Eoghan — who is proving to be just as egotistical — and now might be starting something with Gerard. For all that to be for nothing because the series decided that the boys should have all the power is some bullshit.

Sure, the show might chuck in a ‘Bomb Squad’ of fellas in the coming weeks, but they’ve already missed the opportunity for Casa Amor level drama and might lose a lot of fans in the process.

As a viewer, this week’s episodes left me feeling bad for the women, with this twist coming at the expense of them and giving the men an unfair advantage. I can’t imagine the UK series ever being so cruel and that’s why it’s in a class of its own.