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Love Island’s Tayla & Dom Announce Split In Awkward Video On Their Joint YouTube Channel

Another reality TV couple bites the dust as Love Island’s Tayla Damir and Dom Thomas have announced they’ve split.

But because it’s 2019, they revealed this news via their YouTube channel ‘Stitched Up By Tayla & Dom’, which we can assume will no longer produce videos. This is all kinds of strange.

In the video, the exes sit awkwardly beside each other and set the record straight. “Alright so we’ve had a lot of questions the last, maybe, month,” said Dom.

“We pretty much just needed a bit of time to sort it all out for ourselves and obviously we were getting asked a lot of questions but we didn’t really know in our heads where we were at ourselves so now we just thought it’s time just to let you know that me and Tayla are no longer together.”

Tayla added, “There’s no story behind it. There’s no drama. We’re just in different parts and directions in our life and that’s just how it is so we hope everyone can respect our privacy and just respect that we’re still fine and we’re still mates.”

Watch the Love Island couple reveal the sad news below:

With Tayla and Dom calling it quits, it looks like Amelia Marni and Josh Moss are the only Love Island couple who remain still together. Runner-up couple Erin Barnett and Eden Dally called it quits shortly after the finale aired.

I am personally shook that spending a month day drinking in Spain actually created any legit relationships to begin with.

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