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Love Island UK Is Back And So, Naturally, I Found Everyone’s Instagram

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Confession time. I have never watched an episode of Love Island. Not even once.

I have nothing but respect for the franchise/phenomenon, and it makes no sense given my penchant for dating shows, but for some reason, it’s just a big ol’ gap in my pop culture experience.

But, with a new year, a new cast of hotties and a lot of hibernation time due to the harsh realities of a Melbourne winter, I just might have to give the show a crack. Hosted by the gorgeous Maya Jama and streaming on the 9Now app, Love Island UK is now airing and I think it’s time we collectively get pumped.

Keen to see what we’re working with, I’ve given the cast a little stalk on IG to give you guys easy access to the goods. 

Nicole Samuel


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A post shared by Nicole Samuel (@nicolesams123)

Nicole is 24, Welsh and an Accounts Manager. She knows her angles when posing and has what appears to be a barbed wire tattoo wrapping around her left thigh. The official Love Island UK insta account calls her a “pocket rocket” and claims she’s “looking to score a rugby boy”. Not a rugby boy!!

Uma Jammeh


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A post shared by Uma (@umajammeh)

Uma is seemingly perfect? I can’t believe how gorgeous she looks in each grid post??

The 23-year-old VIP Host/Model who enters the Villa as a “Bombshell” and I’m not 100% sure what that means but I’m nervous and excited. When asked by Cosmo why she was still single, she simply stated, “I don’t know what the reason is, I think it’s them, as it can’t be me!” and I love this energy. 

Mimii Ngulube


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A post shared by mi² 🩶 (@mimiitafara)

Mimii is also 24 and a Mental Health Nurse so I’m hoping she helps mediate any conflict in the villa. She told Cosmo that she’s “a girls’ girl” and “quite funny” so I already like her, and she looks great in yellow.

Joey Essex


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A post shared by Joey Essex (@joeyessex)

Joey is a seasoned reality-TV veteran, having already appeared in The Only Way Is Essex (a strange coincidence given his last name), and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! The 33-year-old looks extremely into himself which is always fun to watch, and told The Sun, “It’s difficult for me to meet girls on the outside as they judge me based on a persona so I think this experience will allow for people to see the real me.” Apparently he’s a bombshell too? I don’t KNOW. 

Patsy Field


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A post shared by patsy field (@patsylouu)

Patsy is 29 which makes her an island elder. While the Office Administrator seems mysterious on Instragram given her limited posts, she’s very open about her health. Born with the condition Erb’s Palsy, Patsy told The Sun that she worked closely with Love Island UK producers to “adapt the show for her disability”, which I think is excellent. 

Jess White


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A post shared by JESSICA WHITE (@jessamywhite)

Jess is a 25-year-old Retail Manager who told Cosmo that “When you’re a loud, outgoing woman, sometimes it can intimidate men” when asked about her single status. Another woman I immediately ship. The confident brunette looks to enjoy traveling, with a bunch of posts of her enjoying the beaches of South East Asia. Must be nice. 

Samantha Kenny


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A post shared by Samantha kenny (@samanthakenny.xx)

Samantha is another hottie. It’s probably pointless me saying that because I think that’s a prerequisite for casting. The 26-year-old Makeup Artist’s insta is full of her work, with snatched snaps of her scattered throughout the grid. Love Island UK’s insta reckons she wants “bag a cockney charmer” and I wish I knew what that meant but same, I think!

Ayo Odukoya


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A post shared by AYOMÍ (@cozy.a1)

Ayo is a 25-year-old model and yes. His insta is hot and cute and the Love Island UK insta says “Ayo is tired of being outside and is ready to cuddle up in the villa” so he’s immediately my favourite. 

Harriet Blackmore

Harriet is a 24-year-old Dancer and Personal Shopper and told Cosmo her claim to fame is “Being a bit of an IT girl in Brighton”. I think I might start referring to myself as a bit of an IT girl, too. Lots of bikini snaps on her insta, and I can’t blame her. She’ll fit right in at the villa. 

Sean Stone


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A post shared by Sean Stone (@seanstone__)

Sean’s insta page looks like “My week at Schoolies!!” This man is 24 which is essentially 18 and when Capital FM asked him what made him the full package he responded, “5’11, tall, dark and handsome. Not quite 6 foot. Great smile, great teeth, great arms and abs – the full package.” Call me when you’re 6’3.

Ronnie Vint


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A post shared by RV (@ronnievint)

Ronnie is a 27-year-old “Semi Professional Footballer” and the words semi professional make me laugh. His insta is pretty boring but according to Heart, he reckons he’s “a fun, bubbly person looking for a good time”. I don’t know about a man who refers to himself as bubbly, but maybe he will be. 

Ciaran Davies


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A post shared by Ciaran Mark Davies (@ciarandaviesss)

Another young boy. Ciaran is a 21-year-old Surveyor which is a job I’ll never understand. He’s also a bit sporty spice on insta and I’m wondering why a 21-year-old needs to “find love” but onwards.

Munveer Jabbal


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A post shared by MJ (@munveerj)

Munveer is 30!! A man, I guess? The Recruitment Manager told Cosmo, “I haven’t found the right girl, I’m quite picky and have high standards” so there you go, I hate him. His insta is pretty boring. 

Sam Taylor


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A post shared by Sam Taylor (@samtaylorhair)

According to Love Island UK’s insta, “Sam is bringing proper personality and cheeky chat to raise hairs and heart rates on the island”. Ok. He’s a 23-year-old hair stylist and according to The Mirror he’s already been dumped on the show, so there’s that. Give him a social stalk if you wanna see pictures of female hair.

Written by Lil Friedmann, a staunch defender of reality television and celebrity couples. You can follow her at @lilfriedmann on socials.

Image credit: 9now + Punkee