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Simply 20 Relatable ‘Love Island UK’ Memes About Liberty & Jake’s Breakup

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Love Island UK was rocked over the weekend when Liberty and Jake — a couple together since day one — broke up and left the villa.

It was an unexpected ending to a tumultuous love story, with their controversial romance coming to a crashing end when Liberty said she realised that while she loved Jake, she could tell he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. This is something that viewers have suspected for weeks, even voting the couple as the most one-sided pairing on the reality show.

The public heat combined with Jake picking at parts on her personality in recent weeks, led to Liberty breaking down speaking to Faye and revealing that she was unhappy. Liberty eventually pulled Jake aside to tell him that she wouldn’t change herself just to be the girl she thinks that he wants and they eventually decided they would go their separate ways.

It was brave, heartfelt and inspiring to watch Liberty finally stand up for herself. In response, Jake didn’t have much to say and didn’t fight to keep their relationship going. Of course, he then went and told the boys that their breakup was mutual, when any viewer watching could see that the whole thing was initiated by Liberty. Classy guy.

After splitting, Jake and Liberty shared a final date on a yacht and ended amicably. “I don’t know what happened along the way but the spark just faded,” Liberty told Jake. He replied, “On my behalf, I felt the affection died out. That’s a big thing for me and that’s nothing against you as a person.” After returning to the villa, the exes gathered everyone around the fire pit to tell them they would be leaving the show.

It was emotional to say the least. If you didn’t cry watching Kaz’s heartbroken expression as Liberty walked out of the house, then you’re probably a psychopath, tbh. At least, there are some hilarious memes to ease our suffering.

20 Love Island UK memes about Liberty and Jake’s breakup:





















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