Love Island UK, season 5

4 WTF Moments That Have Already Happened On The New Season Of ‘Love Island UK’

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The wait is over, y’all. Season 5 of Love Island UK has just kicked off and ooft, it’s a lot.

A bunch of ridiculously good-looking guys and gals have rocked up to the luxurious Island Villa in Majorca, Spain, to compete in challenges, go on dates, look pretty and – hopefully – find love.


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Regular Love Island rules apply: one happy couple will leave the island with $91,000 (£50,000) and, hey, perhaps the love of their life, but not without a butt-tonne of drama along the way.

We’re only a few episodes into this new season but boy, oh boy, a lot has gone down. Strap yourselves in, because we’re about to spill all the tea with the most WTF moments so far.

#1 We Learned Amy’s Big Secret

Love Island UK

After being introduced to this season’s so-pretty-it-burns-my-eyes cast, we learned an interesting piece of information about Amy, the flight attendant and former beauty queen from West Sussex.

Amy describes herself as the Bridget Jones of her friend group (same) but also says she’s never had a boyfriend.

Whether she finds a man or remains perpetually single (once again, same) is still unsure, but we’re rooting for her because honestly, she seems like the sweetest person and must be protected at all costs.

#2 Tommy Snatches Up Lucie & Joe Is Devo (But Not For Long)

Love Island UK

Arguably the biggest WTF moment so far this season has been when Tommy poached Lucie from Joe, right in front of his beautiful face.

Joe, the Harry Styles-esque sandwich shop-owner, and surfer girl Lucie had been going strong from day one, forming a good connection and even sneaking in a few cheeky kisses along the way.

The worst part was, Joe couldn’t do anything but watch like a sad, lost puppy as Tommy ended he and Lucie’s coupling. Why am I crying in the villa right now?

Love Island UK

Fortunately for all of our hearts, Lucie realised the error of her ways and the pair consciously re-coupled a couple of eps later. Love is real after all!

#3 Lucie Came To The Island With Her Own Vocabulary

Love Island UK

Some people enter reality TV shows with a catchphrase or two in hopes it takes off. Lucie rocked up with a whole damn dictionary.

From day one, she came in and explained to fellow castmates how she regularly uses “bev”, “bevy” or “bevnish” as a way to describe a boy she finds attractive. We just thought she was hella dehydrated this whole time.

Lucie, stop trying to make “bev” happen, it’s not going to happen.

#4 A Little Bad Breath Never Killed Anyone

Love Island UK

We were all left cringing after Michael confessed his interest in Amber, then went in for the kiss, only to be completely, er, unsuccessful (or “pied”, if you’re British).

Two incredibly hot people not wanting to mack on with each other? Something didn’t quite add up.

Later, in the diary room, Amber confessed to dodging the kiss because of her bad breath, which she says was caused by drinking a can of Coke.

But Amber’s mum didn’t raise a quitter. So, after a quick gargle of mouthwash, the couple sealed the deal with their first kiss.

Put a Listerine out for Amber, you guys.

Love Island UK is streaming exclusively on 9Now. New episodes released daily at 6pm.