Gird Your Loins Because The UK’s ‘Love Island’ Is Back For Season 5, Baby!

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Love Island UK is streaming exclusively on 9Now, with new episodes released daily at 6pm.

What have we even been doing with our lives since the last good reality dating show wrapped up? Welcome back to the good life, fam, because the fifth season of the UK’s Love Island just sailed into our lives.

The new season premiered last night on 9Now and we met a whole bunch of hotties who are looking for love. The first episode brought us laughs, banter, and the promise of some scalding hot tea.

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Even better, new episodes will be fast-tracked from the UK every blessed day, and we can’t wait to see what goes down this season.

In case you missed it, here’s what you need to know about the Love Island season 5 premiere: 12 singles entered a fine-as-hell villa in Majorca, Spain, where they’ll live for the next two months while they search for love. As always, UK viewers can vote for who they want to stay on the island and who gets sent home.

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We’ve got Tommy Fury, a boxer who’s so hot that I bet his opponents thank him after they lose a fight. Michael the firefighter proves that the hot firefighter stereotype is 100% accurate and also that chest tattoos are sexy. Yewande is a scientist and therefore extremely intelligent, but she’s so hot that she looks like someone who thinks that putting on a lab coat and carrying around a beaker makes you a scientist.

Which of these hot singles who are ready to mingle will fall for each other? And what kind of spicy drama are we going to enjoy from our front row seat to along the way?

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In past seasons of Love Island, we’ve seen heartbreak, betrayal and true love. Like when Georgia insisted she was loyal to her boyfriend even after kissing a man who was definitely not her boyfriend. There are even cute moments, like Charlie’s elaborate plan to ask Ellie out, which involved red wine, lipstick, and a pool.

We are dying to find out what happens in Love Island season five!

Love Island UK is streaming exclusively on 9Now. New episodes released daily at 6pm.