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A New ‘Love Island’ Season Is Coming This Week & Here’s Where To Watch It

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For those who know what’s up, you’ll will be well aware that there is no reality TV show on earth that’s as good as Love Island. Fans have been seriously deprived this year with no Aussie season and the planned UK summer season postponed until 2021.

But we finally have some good news. Our mates across the pacific ocean have produced their own local season. That’s right, Love Island USA is happening and in even better news, it drops in Australia this week on the 9Now app. This will give us at least a few weeks of escapism aka watching sleazy singles getting day drunk, stumbling around an infinity pool and stealing each other’s partners. Good, clean family fun!

While the original USA season was filmed in Fiji, due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic this season was filmed in Las Vegas. Does this mean we’ll see the islanders venture out on to the Las Vegas strip? Will they go gambling? Catch a couple of drag shows? One can only hope.

The American series is hosted by Arielle Vandenberg and voiced by Matthew Hoffman, which believe me…is a weird experience hearing a non-Brit narrate the series. But at this stage, we will take what we can get and there’s no way I won’t be bingeing this season all weekend long.

Check out the Love Island USA teaser below:

Love Island USA will be dropping on 9Now this Friday.