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‘Love Island’ Viewers Have Slammed Ryan For His “Disgusting” Treatment Of Lexy

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Last night’s Love Island should have come with a trigger warning for any woman who has been belittled and put down by a man… so well, every woman.

Fresh from ditching Lexy for Casa Amor intruder Tayla this week, Ryan was straight-up awful to his ex on last night’s episode. In a challenge where islanders were confronted with nasty things other contestants had said about them, it was revealed that Ryan had previously said that Lexy “wasn’t that good looking”. This is the same guy who was coupled up with Lexy for several weeks and cried hysterically when she almost left in week two.

At this stage, Ryan could have apologised to diffuse the situation but instead he chuckled to himself that, “I said it as soon as she walked in,” and added, “at least I’m honest.”

If you thought (and prayed) that he was done, then nope! Ryan then doubled down on his offensive comments. “Your personality made you look good, so at least I’m not vain,” he sneered with a grin on his face.


Lexy was obviously very hurt, responding with, “Oh you’re a real asshole,” and asking the girls, “What did I do to him? Nothing.” In her confessional, Lexy went on to say, “The way he tried to dig at my confidence during the challenge was so rude. I haven’t done anything wrong to Ryan and it just feels that he’s the one that keeps throwing punches. But after that, I don’t want to be his friend.” Amen sister.

It was simply a disgraceful display of bullying and viewers have slammed Ryan for his cruel words:

The entire scene was even more disturbing as none of the boys spoke up to tell Ryan to pull his head in. They laughed along as Ryan attacked and ridiculed Lexy’s appearance like they were a bunch of high school bullies. The bro code is alive and well — and it’s disgusting.

Ryan eventually apologised to Lexy but the damage was already done. He also ended their convo by rolling his eyes, ever the gentleman.

Along with looking like a knob to every viewer watching at home, Ryan’s actions put him in a whole new light to Tayla. She pulled him aside after the challenge to tell him how terrible the way he spoke to Lexy was. “You sounded bad in the challenge. I didn’t like it,” she told Ryan.

There might be trouble in paradise, as Tayla earlier confided in Taku that she wasn’t as invested in Ryan as he was in her. “Normally I’m obsessed with the guy when I’m with a guy… I’m not obsessed with him.” She also revealed she didn’t feel a huge sexual attraction to him.

Ryan could be getting dumped soon, and Ben already has his sights on pursuing Tayla. I’m manifesting that Lexy and Tayla team up to break up with Ryan together. A girl can dream.

Love Island airs Monday to Thursday nights on Channel 9 and 9Now.