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People Are Emotional After That Truly Beautiful ‘Love On The Spectrum’ Finale

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Season 2 of Love On The Spectrum aired its fifth and final episode last night and viewers are feeling all the emotions.

Tuesday night’s double-episode finale saw Mark and Chloe have a whirlwind romance before deciding to stay friends instead. We met Jayden and followed his journey on two dates, with sparks flying with Dan. And while we wanted our pure prince Michael to find love, we watched on as he met Heather’s family and charmed them almost as much as he’s charmed everyone in Australia. Things may have not worked out in the end between Michael and Heather, but we did see Michael prove that the best men know not to ghost someone.

We found out that season faves Ronan and Katie are still going strong, so maybe love is real after all.

Most exciting of all, Season 1 couple Jimmy and Shanae got married! It was impossible not to audibly weep while listening to their vows which were equally heartwarming and hilarious. “My first vow is to love you for who you are. Autism is beautiful when you are autistic. I vow to never judge you or myself for being us,” Jimmy told Shanae. “I’m not sure when to end my vows so I will not. I vow to keep making vows until we die. Because we are special and worth it. See ya later.”

I AM CRYING AGAIN JUST RELIVING IT. This show has restored my faith in humanity.

People are feeling all kinds of emotions after watching the Love On The Spectrum finale:

We honestly never deserved Michael.