macca's donut balls

Put Down The Marble Choc, You Can Now Buy Donut Balls From Macca’s With Hot Fudge Sauce

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Good news if you live in NSW: Macca’s has added a cheeky addition to its menu perfect for a cold, rainy, nearly-winter day.

If you’ve worked your way through most iso sweets in quarantine (aka devoured at least five blocks of marble chocolate), it’s time to add one more to the list: the Macca’s donut balls.

While Macca’s hasn’t officially announced it yet, people have been uploading the delicious snacks on social media and you can even team the deep-fried goodness with a hot fudge sauce. BRB, I’m busy drooling all over myself.

While there’s been some confusion about prices and quantity online, it looks as though six donut balls will set you back around $3.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, this is the kind of quarantine treat we all deserve right now.

It’s worth noting that one helpful person pointed out on Facebook that it’s better to ask for the donuts to be fresh, to make sure you’re really getting the bang for your buck. One user also complained about her donuts being cold and “straight from the fridge.”

No word yet on when these bad boys will roll out to the wider country, but for now NSW, go forth and find happiness in the cinnamon, sugar, and hot fudge sauce hybrid.