8 Times The ‘Made In Chelsea’ Cast Were Truly The Definition Of Extra

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Gather a bunch of posh British heirs and heiresses with way more money than sense, and you’re sure to get some seriously great OTT moments.

While every episode of Made In Chelea is absolutely dripping with ~extra~, here are some of the most memorable – and most extra – moments the show has ever seen.

#1 When Mark Francis had no idea what Nando’s was

Imagine being so rich and upper-class that you’ve never had a cheeky Nando’s. Back in season 7, Mark Francis found out that Sam only takes girls on dates to Nando’s… And, of course, he thought it was some kind of wine bar.

Oh, and then he proceeded to call chicken “poulet” – its French translation. Only in Chelsea.

#2 When Spencer casually gifted Steph a Prada bag

Made In Chelsea: 8 Of The Most Dramatic Moments From The Show

During a veeerrry awkward trip to Italy, Spencer (half-heartedly) tried to apologise to Stephanie Pratt for cheating on her. At first, she was having none of it. She literally said that kissing the floor would be more sanitary than ever kissing him again, then called him a devil in a clown suit (excellent burn, Steph). Flash-forward a minute or two and Spencer whipped out a Prada bag as a little apology gift. Suddenly, all was forgiven. Funny that.

#3 When Gabriella hired an Ollie look-alike for her music video

Made In Chelsea: 8 Of The Most Dramatic Moments From The Show

What’s one way to ensure everyone knows you’re still hung up on your ex? Hold a casting call to find his exact doppelganger to star in your music video, of course. Despite her insisting that it had nothing at all to do with Ollie (suuuuure), Gabriella Ellis’ dramatic breakup song ‘Fight’ featured someone who looked suspiciously like him.

#4 When Victoria came up with the most creative insult

Made In Chelsea: 8 Of The Most Dramatic Moments From The Show

In true Made In Chelsea fashion, Christmas dinner was a heated affair. First, Victoria remarked that the cheese smelled as bad as Lucy’s breath. After Lucy called her “an expensive prostitute”, things escalated to the point where Victoria then screeched the now-iconic line: “Can you not fucking open your fucking fat fucking mouth you fucking fat turkey”. Relatable, amirite?

#5 When Mark Francis delivered yet another great one-liner

Made In Chelsea: 8 Of The Most Dramatic Moments From The Show

Honestly, this whole list could be made up solely of things that come out of Mark Francis’ mouth. While our jaws have dropped at the sheer privilege of it all on more than one occasion, the sleeping bag moment probably tops the list: “I once knew someone who had a sleeping bag. And the moment I found out, the friendship was over.” What a line.

#6 When Millie got maaaaaad

Drink-throwing seems to be one of those rich-people pastimes that only ever happens on only the finest reality TV shows. We’ll never forget the time that Millie threw a full cocktail in Hugo’s face after finding out that he cheated on her. Then, only a couple of seasons later, we got to see that temper again when she slapped Spencer right across the face.

#7 When Lucy said “grill”

It might have just been a passing comment, but it’s become one of the most iconic moments in Made In Chelsea history. The whole cast – and viewers at home – were confused as hell to hear newcomer Lucy say, “Why is everyone getting up in my grill”. Maybe it was the posh British accent that made it sound so odd, but it’s one moment we haven’t forgotten about.

#8 When Sam tried to be romantic

Made In Chelsea: 8 Of The Most Dramatic Moments From The Show

Sometimes, grand, romantic gestures seem sweet and heartfelt, and sometimes they just fall flat. It was definitely the latter for Sam, when he attempted to woo Fran with some poetry and a hand-made mix tape. Sounds cute… But let’s not forget the CD was decorated with his nudes. It’s a no from us.

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