Madonna Is Getting Roasted For Covering Britney’s ‘Toxic’ For World AIDS Day

Madonna’s latest video to raise awareness for AIDS is a poor choice and people are not letting it slide.

There is such a thing as being too on the nose with something that it just ain’t right. Like singing Britney Spears’ iconic track ‘Toxic’ as a post for World AIDS day definitely falls under ‘not OK’ content to share.

Madonna posted a little acoustic cover of ‘Toxic’ to her Instagram and Twitter as a “Song for World AIDS Day” as well as a birthday dedication post for Britney. While Madonna’s support for the AIDS cause is usually spot-on, this is just all wrong.

People are calling out Madonna for sharing such an insensitive choice of song for AIDS awareness and are confused as to how she could think this was appropriate:

The hashtags are just too much. It feels so obviously a bad idea we are just not sure how #toxic and #poisonparadise made it into a post that is meant to raise awareness for AIDS. Poison paradise??? Shit Madonna this is not an appropriate way to honour World AIDS Day.

Madonna’s acoustic ‘Toxic’ cover is getting dragged on the internet for being a pretty blatantly inappropriate choice. It’s a move that has definitely confused people.

Like, just reallllly think about what the song is saying.

And think about the implications of connecting the song to AIDS.

The consensus is that this was a big fat nope.

While this is undeniably a mega blunder on Madonna’s part, she has been actively using her platform to raise awareness and support for AIDS for a long time.

The ‘Toxic’ mishap doesn’t discount her work for the cause, but it’s a good example to remind everyone to realllllly think hard about something before you put it on the internet. Not all ideas are good ones, and Madonna, this one was pretty damn terrible.

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