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Tonight’s MAFS Commitment Ceremony Exposed Dean As A Lying Douchebag

Tonight’s Married at First Sight commitment ceremony was awkward viewing, as two grooms announced they wanted to leave the experiment, while their wives chose to stay.


Poor Jo. Hearts broke across the nation for the mum as her TV hubby Sean told her he didn’t see a future between them. It. Was. Brutal. However, we all sorta knew it was coming.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were Tracey and Dean. Dean broke up with Tracey without ever indicating there was a single issue between them. Don’t worry, Dean was a total gentleman, he decided to list all the ways Tracey was hot before ending their relationship. He totally blind-sided her and we really felt for Tracey.

Here’s a vague play-by-play:

‘I just like umm yeah don’t think we’re right for each other ya know.’

* Awkward silence for eternity *

‘You’re like a mum, and like… I’m not a mum. We have nothing in common. It’s dunzo between us.’

* Everyone pretends to be shocked *

‘Stay calm. Finally, someone will take Davina off my hands. Hallelujah.’

We still can’t believe what just went down.

Twitter is shooketh.

The unfortunate news for Tracey is that because of the somewhat sadistic rules of the competition, she and Dean will be staying together.

Looks like married life isn’t over yet.



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