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MAFS’ Dean Just Posted A Dedication To Charlene For #IWD & The Reactions Are Savage

Self-labelled feminist and general haver of bad opinions, Dean from Married at First Sight, has posted a dedication to International Women’s Day on Instagram and we can’t believe this dude is for real.

Dean took the occasion to shoutout his wife Tracey (no surprises here) and the woman he was in a screaming match with in last night’s ep, Charlene.

Along with the IWD logo, he wrote:

“Happy international women’s day. There are some very strong women in the mafs crew this year. @thisischarlenep we may have had our differences but I have a lot of respect for you. @traceyjewel_ify you are one of the strongest people I have ever met.”

Errr, sure.

The fact he felt compelled to post about the day and dedicate his post to Charlene, the woman who served him on a platter last night, is completely dumbfounding.

Considering his behaviour and the many (many!) sexist ways he has spoken about women in previous episodes, followers on Instagram are not overly impressed.

If you reckon Dean posting a dedication to Charlene is taking the high ground, it’s important to note his previous post about her, which was far from kind.

Following last night’s ep, in an Instagram post addressing Charlene, he wrote “we both know the truth,” before asking ‘how Patrick is going,’ – which is a clear dig/suggestion that the two have parted ways. Cool story, bro.

What a classy guy!

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