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Tonight’s MAFS Wife-Swap Serves Us Round Two For Charlene Vs Dean & Get Him Gurl

We have officially reached peak MAFS drama with the producers tonight getting their jollies by actually forcing the couples to switch partners. Cheap tactics but extremely effective.

The move comes straight after Dean and Troy concocted the exact same scenario at the infamous ‘boys night’, which was slammed a week earlier by all involved. Lol. This show is weird.

It’s also pretty damn funny because, if rumours can be believed, it seems like a fair chunk of the couples have initiated some of their own wife-swapping after filming for the show wrapped up. Sharing is caring, ya know.

But, back to this ep. Shock! Horror! Charlene got paired with Dean! Uh huh, and she came out swinging when she sat down with him. Immediately, the Davina situation came up in convo and Dean shifted the blame back to Davy. Never fear –  Charlene didn’t want to hear anything about their affair.

She slammed back, yelling:

“We came here to be matched. If you don’t get matched, it’s not a swingers party. Go home!”

Yaaas gurl!

The rest of the ep was mostly Charlene accusing Dean of saying things – Dean the denying that he had said these things- with producers artfully weaving in flashback footage Dean definitely saying ALL of the things. Rinse and repeat.

But mega boss Charlene didn’t believe any of his BS and Twitter applauds her.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Charlene taking on Deano, round 2:

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