TV & Movie Make-Up Hacks We Should Be Using In Our Glam Routines, According To An Expert

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Glamming up is an artform, and if you want to perfect it you need to learn from the pros.

So, to get you some insider tips and tricks, we chatted to Box Hill Institute Make-Up Specialist teacher, and all-round cosmetic guru, Stephanie Elkington. Stephanie works her make-up magic in TV, movies, theatre, and special effects, so if it’s Hollywood glam, bloodying up a dozen extras or anything in between, she can do it all (and here’s the proof).

Makeup: Stephanie Elkington. Image: Rodney Stewart Photography / supplied

Pros like Stephanie seriously study their craft to know how to make their products work for them and get that HD touch. Whether you’re an everyday make-up minimalist or a sucker for a full face, here are her expert hacks to help us amateurs step up our game.

First thing’s first: techniques

#1. Less is more… to start

For anyone who loves a big, bold look, this one’s for you.

“It’s easier to control your product if you apply a small amount and build it up! This goes for eyeshadow, contour, and lipstick!”

You heard her. Show some self-restraint and start small.

#2. Blend, blend, blend

“The most important thing is to blend and buff your products into the skin.”

That especially applies to foundation and concealer, so address any chunks and lines before you go outside looking like a damn fool.

#3. Make me blush

“Blush is the best and can make you look healthy and happy, don’t be afraid to apply a touch of it above the eyebrow, over the bridge of the nose, on the chin, and blend it out.”

Blush is in, folks. In my non-expert opinion, if you don’t look like you just went for a 5km run, you’re not doing it right.

#4. Level up your everyday lewk

“I think something that makes you look extra sparkly and next-level is a highlight in the inner eye corner. It opens the eyes and extends.”

Catch us all looking angelic as heck next time we step out.

Ride or die products and tools

Stephanie told us what she always has on hand, and that you should seriously consider including in your make-up bag.

#1. Fluffy blending brushes

You can never have enough brushes in different shapes and sizes for creams, shadows, and everything else.

Makeup: Stephanie Elkington. Image: Sean Fernandez Photography / supplied

#2. Fine blotting powder

“Great for anyone with oily skin to reduce any unwanted shine without making the skin look too dry.”

#3. A thinner

Apparently if you have a thinner to use with your cream and liquid products you can make them a lot more versatile and customise your coverage.

Top tips for improving your make-up game

#1. Practice

For anyone still trying to get their right and left eyeliner to match, apparently it should all work out eventually if you “literally just practice, practice, and more practice.”

#2. Experiment

“Don’t be a harsh self-critic and block your creativity, it washes off at the end of the day and you can always try again!”

According to Stephanie, playing with your look and experimenting is one of the best ways to learn – so keep trying, royally mucking it up, and trying again. You can only get better.

#3. Choose your sources

“Make sure you’re getting your information or training from a reliable source like a respected training organisation or industry expert.”

In other words, not all randoms posting TikTok make-up tutorials know what they’re talking about! If you really want to learn, trust the experts.

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(Lead image courtesy of Box Hill Institute)