mariah carey gtfo meme

Mariah Carey’s New Diss Track ‘GTFO’ Has Gifted Us The Meme For Every Mood

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The Elusive Chanteuse, aka Mariah Carey, is finally back with new music and her video for track ‘GTFO’ has become our fave new meme.

The savage diss track is rumoured to be about her ex-fiancé and Aussie rich dude, James Packer, and is expected to be the first single off a new album dropping later this year.

The lyrics don’t mix their words, including sentiments such as “How about you get the fuck out? Get the fuck out. How about you take your things and be on your merry way.”

The song is petty as hell so, naturally, we are living for it. Mariah’s sassy lyrics are perfect meme material and within days a whole bunch of hilarious memes have popped up.

Here’s our fave ‘GTFO’ memes:

How very dare they.

It’s just disrespectful.

No offence but boy, bye.

It’s just rude, tbh.

The truth hurts.

Check out the song in full below: