married at first sight 2020 promo

The First Promo For ‘Married At First Sight’ Is Here & It’s Very Dramatic

It’s here! Just as we had sadly accepted the fact that we have no reality TV to watch until 2020, Married at First Sight has dropped its first promo.

To say this teaser is dramatic would be an understatement. It introduces us to a few of our brides and grooms, as they wander hopelessly through a forest. How did they get to the forest? Who left them alone in the wilderness? Do they have enough food and water to survive?! I have questions.

Then the lost brides and grooms spot a tunnel, titled “Tunnel Of Love” and they all GO IN. Umm, last time I saw a tunnel like that it was in It, so I’d GTFO of there.

As they enter the tunnel, their bride or groom is waiting and they start to run at them. We then see people kissing and flying into the sky until they reach the moon! It’s a lot to digest and I now understand why I find IRL dates so disappointing.

Check out the first Married at First Sight promo below:

We’re hoping the season will kick off in January, 2020. Fingers crossed.