Aleks From ‘MAFS’ May Have Dropped A Very Big Spoiler About Her Future With Ivan

If you’ve been glued to Married at First Sight, you’re well aware the only couple who seems like they’re doing well is Ivan and Aleks.

After a bumpy start, the couple has gone from strength to strength in the show, proving to be one of the happiest and more stable partnerships.

aleks ivan married at first sight

Ivan in particular has amassed a fan following after it was originally thought he’d be a villain on the show, but turned out to be quite rational and obviously besotted with his wife.

Aleks and Ivan even uploaded Valentine’s Day posts for each other last month so we were all holding out hope things were still going splendidly with them.

That is, until today.

On a Married at First Sight meme account, some old photos of Ivan and Aleks, as well as Stacey and Michael, were shared and both brides were quick to leave comments of a rather scathing nature.

In a photo that shows Stacey in an embrace with Michael, and Aleks and Ivan joining them for the double date, the two ladies left these comments:

stacey aleks married at first sight

Needless to say, Ivan and Aleks fans were a left a little shook and many people were mad at the potential spoiler, with comments posted saying this year’s cast has ruined the show.

ivan aleks married at first sight

Stacey and Aleks continued to have a brief conversation in the comments and some users also pointed out maybe, just maybe, they were solely talking about Michael and NOT Ivan.

ivan aleks stacey married at fist sight

Last night Aleks uploaded a photo of herself and Ivan with a caption about missing her family and having to trust her gut. Could this also be some potential foreshadowing?

Honestly, they were the only couple giving us ANY hope. Ivan, Aleks, you can’t do this to us.

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