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Tonight’s Shitshow ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

Every dinner party episode of Married At First Sight is quite a special moment in time. Sure, Jesus had the Last Supper but did he have the whole table gasping at the fact he made a joke about his partner only lasting 10 seconds in bed?

We’ve come to expect the unexpected in this social experiment which tarnishes relationships and marriages faster than you can write “leave” or “stay” on a card, and tonight’s dinner party dished up so much drama a stray piece of popcorn fell out of my mouth at some stage.

While last week David and Hayley were a hot mess, tonight they put on a united front. Amanda and Tash were all but over, but it was Michael who really got to work stirring up the pot and creating drama between two couples: Steve and Mishel, and Mikey and Natasha.

As always, we’d be rocking in a corner silently crying if it weren’t for the funny tweets.

The couples have survived intimacy week, but barely

Hayley’s took on the role as the show’s new relationship expert

Natasha told Michael and Stacey that Mikey was a fast finisher in the, uh, bedroom

Michael and Steve got into a hectic argument at the dinner table

Michael then decided to stir the pot with Mikey and Natasha

Thank God for Ivan and Aleks, the only pure couple on this show at this stage

Oh yeah, btw Chris and Vanessa are still there