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Here’s All The Mayhem That Went Down At The ‘MAFS’ Boxing Battle

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While you were enjoying a pleasant and hopefully carefree weekend, this year’s Married at First Sight contestants converged on Melbourne for a reality star boxing battle like no other.

The event was hosted by Team Ellis on Saturday evening, and saw Brent Vitiello go up against his MAFS rival Daniel Holmes while Jackson Lonie faced off against 2021 groom, Sam Carraro.

If you weren’t across the events of the weekend — instead, just living your goddamn life in ignorant bliss — then we’ve got you sorted, as we’ve rounded up everything that went down. And oh boy, I am embarrassed for everyone involved.

Let’s just hope that plenty of money was raised for the competitors’ charities because they’re really the only winners here!

Even before the big night, things had already escalated

During Daniel and Brent’s weigh-in before their match, the two competitors got physical when Brent cupped Daniel’s face in his hands (aww!) and then shoved him across the room (boo!).


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Seriously fellas, can you just take it down a notch?

Brent and Daniel’s exes, Tamara and Carolina, were the ring girls

If this event wasn’t loose enough, the boys’ exes — Tamara Djordjevic and Carolina Santos– turned up as the ring girls.


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Here’s Tamara below giving it her all, and the girl the camera pans to is Brent’s current girlfriend, model Taylor Davey, who appears to be mouthing in the video that she “didn’t even know,” that Tamara would be in the ring. Awks!

@thewashonline After three rounds, and a surprise appearance from their exes Tamara and Carolina as ring girls, a split decision from the judges declared Daniel the winner #mafs #mafsau #mafsaustralia ♬ original sound – The Wash

But this doesn’t mean that Tamara and Brent have mended their MAFS feud. “There’s nothing that girl won’t do for attention,” he told on the big night.

The event was attended by a bunch of MAFS alum

Olivia Frazer supported her ex, Jackson, posing for happy snaps on the red carpet.


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Other alum who attended the boxing match were Jack Millar (and girlfriend Courtney Stubbs), Al Perkins, Cody Bromley, Matt Ridley, Kate Laidlaw, Anthony Cincotta, and Jess Seracino, along with MAFS OGs Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson.

married at first sight boxing

Oh, and our incoming Bachelor, Jed McIntosh, was also spotted partying with Matt afterwards.

married at first sight boxing

Tamara got into some type of beef with Kate

There was plenty of drama going on outside of the ring, most notably Tamara going off about *checks notes* Kate. In a video captured by The Wash, Tamara is fuming over her former MAFS costar. “Like, f**k off. Go back to your own f**king table,” Tamara could be heard saying as the camera pans back to Kate.


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In a since-deleted comment, Tamara replied to the above video to explain that her reaction came from Kate apparently calling herself and some of the other girls “embarrassing” a few months ago.

Jess commented on The Wash video to defend Tamara, writing “This reel only shows one side and makes Tamara seem crazy,” she began. “None of us want anyone upset, I just think if you’ve hurt someone and you plan on hanging around them then apologise and squash it.”

Kate has spoken out in the days since the incident, revealing she felt ‘bullied’ on the night.

Matt was kicked out before the fights even started

In the above video, it appears like Matt is being escorted out the door by security. “Are you getting kicked out,” a reporter from The Wash asked. Matt didn’t reply but a bouncer told the journalist to “f**k off”. That’ll do it!

Yahoo Lifestyle confirmed that Matt was kicked out at around 9pm before the fights even began, speculating that he had gone “a little too hard on the free drinks”.

Jackson beat Sam with a knock-out punch — kachow!

I heard there was some kind of boxing match on? Indeed! Jackson was victorious over Sam, landing one big puncharoo leaving the 2021 MAFS star out cold. Wham, bam, thank you, Sam! (I shouldn’t be trusted to write about boxing.)


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Daniel won against Brent and then ummm… said some things

After a bit of back and forth, Daniel ended up winning his match against Brent. Upon claiming victory, Daniel yelled, “Doubt me now! Doubt me now! Doubt me now!” he chanted to, umm… himself. OK!

Once Daniel gave his victory speech, it doesn’t sound like he received much applause, but there was some faint booing.


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With the 2023 season of MAFS just around the corner, I’m ready to move on from all these petty feuds. We have truly suffered ENOUGH.