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Brent & Daniel From ‘MAFS’ Agree To Boxing Battle Like Two Normal, Adult Men

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Married at First Sight is over, but the drama continues to roll on, this time between reality TV enemies Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello.

Daniel and Brent were grooms on Season 9 of MAFS who clashed during the series, and now they have decided to hash out their differences in a professional boxing match and we’re slightly concerned… but excited?

So, what has brought the boys to the ring?

In the weeks since the show has wrapped up, Brent and Daniel have continued to badmouth one another on social media. In a recent Instagram Live, Brent even asked fans to bring up “any dirt” about Daniel, including alleged dick pics.

Brent said during his live, “If there’s anyone who has dirt on Daniel, or he’s sending dick pics of that tiny little lettuce penis… I’m going to spill the dirt.”


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In retaliation, Daniel took to his Instagram Stories to challenge the former groom to a boxing match while calling him out for joining MAFS to chase fame.”‘It’s very obvious Tamara [Djordjevic] didn’t want a bar of you because you made it very evident behind the scenes that you just couldn’t wait for your influencer career moving forward,” Daniel said in a series of Instagram Stories.

MAFS Daniel Holmes V Brent Confirmed

He then followed up the Insta rant with a photoshopped pic of him towering over Brent in a boxing ring. He captioned the image “October 15,” possibly giving us a clue on a match date.

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Brent then went back onto his Instagram Live, this time with shoey king Al Perkins, accepting Daniel’s challenge saying, “It’s on… It’s gonna be fun.”


MAFS Daniel vs Brent match confirmed

So, how did we get here?

There was some alleged drama on the MAFS set that has added fuel to this absolute wildfire. Daniel told So Dramatic! that Brent was “nasty” during the recording of a reunion dinner.

Daniel went on to say that their feud originated from the Dion saga, when Brent stood up to Daniel for hooking up with Dion’s TV wife, Carolina Santos. “None of the guys like me because of what went down with Dion and Carolina… but Brent just doubled down on the show. He just always had really sh*tty things to say,” Daniel said.


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What can we expect from the boxing match?

Since accepting the challenge, Brent has spoken up about how will be handling the boxing battle with the former groom. Brent told Pedestrian.TV that he will be respectful and won’t taunt Daniel before they meet in the ring. “I’m a professional. I won’t be talking smack or playing online games. I’m a grown man. We talk in the ring,” he said.

Brent also claimed in an interview with So Dramatic! that Daniel was initially supposed to be boxing another MAFS groom, Mitch Eynaud. Daily Mail had also reported that Mitch challenged Daniel to a boxing match, but he refused due to Mitch being a professional boxer. But not to worry, Mitch will apparently be fighting Jackson Lonie in a match soon, according to the Daily Mail.


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So it’s all happening! While Season 9 is in the past, we get a bunch of boxing matches from the grooms to fill the void that Married At First Sight has left behind.

No official dates have been announced but no doubt, the boxing match will be an absolute knockout.