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We Reckon We Know Which ‘MAFS’ Couples Are Still Together Based On Their Instagram Game

As we cross the halfway mark of the Married at First Sight experiment, we are already trying to suss out which couples are still together.

Thankfully over on Instagram the contestants are not shy about letting their true feelings about their partners slip through the cracks.

We all know from previous seasons that since the series was filmed months ago, many of the couples are just pretending to still be together as they’re contractually obliged to not give away spoilers.

But over on Instagram, if you have loads of time to study this shit (like me, hello!) by analysing the contestants’ posts and captions it’s actually pretty clear which couples have gone the distance.

Here are the couple’s statuses based on their Instagram game!

Jules & Cam

This is the one couple we are pinning all our hopes on and signs are pretty damn positive these two are the real deal. Both write adorable and heartfelt captions on most of their posts showing there’s still good vibes between them, they still constantly gush over one another and always tag each other. This is as good as it gets, fam.

Verdict: Still Together

Cyrell & Nic

While they might tag each other in the occasional post and seem to be on OK terms, I’m not sensing anything romantic between Cyrell and Nic. There is banter between them in the comments but Cyrell’s captions are unenthusiastic and Nic barely posts on Instagram at all. I reckon they’re friends but nothing more.

Verdict: Split

Martha & Michael

As the most followed contestant on Instagram, Martha posts a lot and it’s mostly cute couple shots with Michael, so I can’t help but be convinced they’re still together. Michael’s account is much of the same. If this is all just for Instagram and not legit, then I bow down to them both.

Verdict: Still Together

Heidi & Mike

Things are looking grim for these two. The only thing they seem to post is shots from the series that feel more like obligations to keep up appearances. Heidi’s posts are always super brief and without any feeling.

Heidi also never tags Mike in anything… note below where Heidi tags Cam but not Mike. Mike’s posts are super bare with only Heidi’s tag and a hashtag, suggesting he has nothing more sentimental to add. It’s not my tea to spill but I reckon it ended badly.

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Cheers! 🥂 @cammerchant here’s to elbow pads!!! #MAFS

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Verdict: Split

Jessika & Mick

I don’t think this will surprise anyone but there is almost zero chance these two are still together. The captions in their Instagram posts are constantly shading one another, showing there is no love between them whatsoever and only bad vibes.

Marry this with the fact Lauren and Mick continue to flirt it up in the comments and Jess just pashed faces with Dan. Messika is dead. RIP.

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Episode 2: Return of the footsies #MAFS

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Verdict: Split

Ning & Mark

This couple are a bit of a mystery on Instagram. They don’t swoon over each other like Jules and Cam or post candid shots like Martha and Michael. But in saying that, they do joke a lot, sending comments back and forth so they appear to be definitely on good terms.

Ning’s captions are usually cute and loving while Mark’s are friendly, so they’re either still together or are now just mates.

Verdict: Undecided

Tamara & Dan

There’s not much to go off here but I’m leaning to these two breaking up. The posts on Tamara’s page seem forced, without detailed captions or Dan being tagged. Dan’s posts are equally bland and this caption seems to say A LOT. #ShadyAF

Verdict: Split

Susie & Billy

There is more chance of me marrying Louis Theroux then these two working out. Susie literally only has one picture of Billy on her entire Instagram page. Billy’s latest Instagram post shows there’s still tension brewing. Enough said.

Verdict: Split

Again, this is just speculation so take it with a grain of salt and don’t @ me if you disagree.