Cyrell Exposed Jess On Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ & Viewers Are Bloody Here For It

Adjust your weather app ‘cos Cyclone Cyrell just breezed through the Married at First Sight experiment leaving few survivors. I genuinely lived for every second of it.

The promos promised a lot and squeezed most of the action into the final few minutes of the episode. It started with Cyrell pulling Jess aside to talk about her relationship with Mick, then when Jess said that Mick isn’t giving his all to their marriage, Cyrell snapped back “Dude, you wanted to sleep with Dan the other week!”

This comment made it all kick right off. Jess tried to leave the convo, Cyrell followed her, and they shouted in each other’s faces while the rest of the couples could hear every word. What a mess.

Cyrell re-enters and announces to the whole damn room this nugget of wisdom:

“At the last dinner party, Jess turned around and said she wanted to sleep with Dan. She wanted to fuck him. Tamara, she wanted to fuck your husband. She wanted to sleep with another man.”

She didn’t mince her words. God, I love this messy bitch.

Viewers are (obviously) here for it!

All hail our new queen: Cyrell.