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MAFS’ Cyrell & Lizzie Are At War On Instagram Spilling All Sorts Of Tea

It looks like Married at First Sight besties Cyrell Paule and Elizabeth Sobinoff really are no longer friends, with both reality TV stars spiling their friendship breakup tea all over Instagram.

The drama seemed to have been ignited from Cyrell speaking to New Idea about Lizzie and the breakdown of their friendship, calling her “toxic” and a “hypocrite”.

Since the article came out, Cyrell spoke further about their fight in her Instagram stories, with her boyfriend Eden Dally by her side. She not only revealed why they’re no longer friends but posted some of their text message exchanges.

married at first sight lizzie cyrell

“Obviously we’ve touched a nerve with Elizabeth and usually that happens, you know why, when you’ve been caught out with a lie,” Cyrell said. She went on to explain that their fight started after Cyrell got a club appearance cancelled which resulted in Lizzie losing out on money.

She then posted the following text messages:

married at first sight cyrell lizzie
married at first sight

Cyrell then went on to say that following this argument she didn’t hear from Lizzie until a rumour started circulating that they were doing a TV show together. “The only time she contacted Cyrell was when she found out there could be a TV show and her name could be back out there,” Eden added, before he accused Lizzie of being jealous.

Cyrell then posted the following messages:

married at first sight lizzie cyrellmarried at first sight lizzie cyrell
married at first sight lizzie cyrell

Cyrell finished her tirade by telling Lizzie: “One of the best things that has happened to me is getting rid of a bitch like you.” How lovely!

Lizzie has also shared her side of the story. In her own stream of Instagram stories, she said:

“She’s [Cyrell] saying it’s all to do with money and I wasn’t supportive of her. Ah, honey. I’ve been nothing but supportive when we were friends. A bad word never left my mouth about you.”

married at first sight cyrell lizzie

Lizzie went on to say that Cyrell would often speak badly about her MAFS co-stars Martha Kalifatidis and Jessika Power. “She gets really nasty about things and the way she’s spoken to me has been appalling.”

She went on to add that she thinks Cyrell and Eden got together as a publicity stunt and that it was Cyrell who had brought up the idea of a TV show. Lizzie finished off by saying about Cyrell:

“I fucking loved her. I loved her to bits. I went and defended that girl,” she said. “I’m very upset about the way that this has happened but just leave me alone. You know the way you spoke to me. You know the way you treated me.”

Then in a move that isn’t entirely surprising, Jess jumped in to add her own two cents, backing up Lizzie and saying that Cyrell “threw Lizzie under the bus,” in a stream of Instagram stories.

married at first sight cyrell lizzie jess

She continued:

“Lizzie stuck up for you and she tried to have your back when you did this whole publicity stunt with Eden. Lizzie was your friend and she didn’t want you to get hurt. She was looking out for you when you asked her to,” Jess said.

“I feel really sorry for you, Lizzie, and I’m sorry she had to have such a fake horrible friend in her life.”

Lizzie later uploaded a story thanking Jess for her support. With MAFS besties Cyrell and Lizzie now enemies and Jess and Lizzie apparently friends… ummm, I don’t really know what is going on.

Petty reality TV drama clearly never sleeps. What a mess.