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Tonight’s Boys & Girls’ Night Episode Of ‘MAFS’ Retold Via The Funniest Tweets

What’s the one consistent thing we can rely on right now? No, not the government, silly. The answer is simple: we can rely on Married at First Sight taking over an hour or more of our lives on a nightly basis making us briefly forget there are much worse things happening.

Who knew MAFS would be the escape we all needed? MAFS is the friend who will greet us at the end of a dark road, wrap their arms around us and whisper sweet nothings into our ears like, “sure, I know you’re worried right now, but we’ve got an explosive video of Michael hooking up with Hayley to take your mind off of things.”

Ahhh sweet, sweet escapism.

If you’ve been watching a lot of TV (let’s be real, we all have), tonight’s episode has been teasing the return of old cast members for a boys and girls night, where it was revealed Vanessa had a video of Michael and Hayley hooking up. It’s the evidence Lawyer Stayey has needed this whole time.

But don’t get too settled in. As always on MAFS, things aren’t always what they seem…

Well, let’s get into it. Here’s episode 29 (!) of MAFS retold via the best tweets:

Jonethen is still in isolation with Connie against his will.

Mishel just wants an intimate cuddle from Steve and they argue again about their connection and whether it’s romantic or not.

Woohoo, and not just for my Sims! Mishel and Steve decide to share a bed together… except nothing happened.

We finally arrive, a good hour later, to the hyped-up boys and girls’ night, a night filmed long ago before we were all forced into self-isolation.

Mikey and Chris descend on boys night and Michael starts to get nervous when the ghost of Hayley is brought up.

Meanwhile Poppy, Cathy, Amanda, Vanessa and Hayley blow into the girls’ night.

Vanessa tells her eyewitness account of what happened with Hayley and Michael.

It turns out the video of Hayley and Michael hooking up doesn’t exist, which meant lawyer Stacey didn’t have the evidence she needed to proceed.

We get left on a cliffhanger of Vanessa saying Stacey has hooked up with someone else?!