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Tonight’s Final ‘MAFS’ Commitment Ceremony Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

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We’ve nearly made it, fam. Tonight’s Married at First Sight was the final commitment ceremony and a chance for the couples to bow out gracefully before heading to final vows.

If we were playing by the rules that couples choose to go into final vows if they think they’re falling in love, we should’ve actually said goodbye to at least four couples tonight based off last week’s drama. But alas, only one couple opted to leave. Booka and Brett decided to call it quits, with Booka citing there was no romance between the two anymore. Personally, we’re devo they didn’t walk out to the tune of number one best-selling single ‘Brett’.

But the real hero of tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight was Alana. Alana apologised to Jason for throwing him under the bus at the last dinner party, but she stood her ground when defending her decision to tell Melissa what Bryce had said about her. BRB, setting my morning alarm to Alana sternly saying “Bryce, I’ll deal with you later.”

Even though the episode teased Melissa was waking up to Bryce’s behaviour, both of them decided to go through to final vows and tbh I plan to be very, very busy that night so I never have to watch them profess their undying love to each other.

Here’s tonight’s Married At First Sight retold via the funniest tweets:

We’re heading towards the final commitment ceremony and once again, the mood is sombre for Bryce and Melissa. Meanwhile, Jason has moved into a separate apartment.

After Bryce feels sorry for himself for being”bullied” and says he’s ready to leave the experiment, Melissa finally cracks the shits. Alana goes to apologise to Jason and explains how Melissa is being hard done by. Jason communicates as well as you’d expect… by barely saying anything.

The experts say Belinda and Patrick look like they’re falling in love, and Alessandra presses them about their ~intimacy~ and where their hands have been going. Both opt to go through to the final vows.

In no huge surprises, Johnny and Kerry decide to stay.

Jason and Alana hash things out with the experts. Alana says she doesn’t regret telling Melissa anything and that she’s sick of seeing girls be treated like shit. Bryce tries to call Alana out and she flips it onto him saying that he’s “lying through his teeth”. Alana demands Jason to chime in as to who’s telling the truth, while he does his best to disappear into the lounge. He eventually admits Alana isn’t lying and they both decide to stay.

Jake defended his decision to stand up for Bec at the retreat dinner, even though she wasn’t into his behaviour. Bec wrote leave, while Jake decided to stay. All of Australia is desperately wondering how on earth they are still a couple on this show who has made it to the END.

Booka and Brett both decided to leave the experiment, firmly in the friendzone. Liam and Georgia admit to falling for each other and decide to stay.

Melissa calls out the experiment for being toxic, but still chooses to stay with Bryce after he says he is falling in love with her. We’re all tired.