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The Funniest Tweets From Tonight’s Chaotic Final ‘Married At First Sight’ Dinner

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Pour one out for this year’s messy Married at First Sight drama, because tonight we saw the final dinner party– well, before the reunion dinner we presume/pray is still on its way.

But unlike previous dinners, tonight wasn’t dominated by Bryce and Melissa arriving late, before storming out early, because they simple chose not to show up. This didn’t stop the rest of the group talking about them and even giving a certain someone a phone call. And no, it wasn’t Bryce’s alleged secret girlfriend like the promos suggested. In an extremely high school moment, Rebecca called Samantha on loud speaker to relay to the group all the tea from girls’ night. It was actually pretty juicy.

Next the experts suddenly appeared to drop an honesty box, which mostly just drove a wedge through the couples just before they’re expected to exchange vows. Tomorrow night the final vows kick off but before then, let’s relive tonight’s episode through the best tweets!

Tonight’s chaotic final Married at First Sight dinner retold via funny tweets:

The crew are reeling from the revelation at girls’ night that Samantha had spoken to Bryce’s friend, who confirmed he had a girlfriend. Melissa confronts Bryce about Samantha’s claims and in classic Brcye style, he makes excuses then threatens to walk out. Somehow it all ends in Melissa comforting Bryce and convincing him to stay.

It’s time for the final dinner and in true MAFS spirit, Belinda has once again dressed like she’s a 13-year-old.

As all of the remaining contestants arrive at the final dinner, Bryce and Melissa don’t attend. Colour us shocked.

At dinner, Georgia convinces Bec to call Samantha to find out more tea about Bryce’s alleged girlfriend. Samantha claims Bryce had been calling people trying to shut down the cheating rumour and that Bryce only did MAFS to further his career.

The experts arrive to deliver the honesty box aka a box full of questions set to trigger the couples. Revelations include Jason telling Alana that he still doesn’t trust her, while Liam admits to Georgia that his country friends won’t accept her. It’s brutal and in a sweet moment, Kerry steps in to defend Georgia.

Patrick asks Belinda if she loves him and she freezes before replying “not yet”. Rebecca tells Jake that she doesn’t see them together in the future and that his feelings for her are stronger than hers and umm…duh!