Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Final, FINAL Vows Retold Via The Best Tweets

“It’s been a long and winding journey, but I’m finally here tonight.” In 2003 Guy Sebastian sang that line in his hit song ‘Angels Brought Us Here’ but not everyone knows that the line was written after he watched the final vows on Married at First Sight.

For a couple of months we’ve watched some ill-matched couples struggle until the very, bitter end. Why? Fuck knows tbh. But tonight we all got a little isolation treat with our remaining two couples deciding whether they’d stay together or exit the experiment alone. Spoiler: one couple decided to stay together. Was it Mishel and Steve, or Lizzie and Seb? Ahahaha, we all know the answer to this without even going further.

The great news is, we’re one step closer to tomorrow’s absolute shitshow of a dinner party reunion and I have already got about three bags of popcorn ready to go in eager anticipation.

Let’s get to it: here’s tonight’s final MAFS vows retold via the best tweets.

mishel married at first sight dinner party

Seb and Lizzie struggled at the thought of saying goodbye, while Steve and Mishel were shown their wedding video to give them some sort of clarity.

The show gave us some sad music over Seb and Lizzie as though these two were going to say anything other than yes to each other.

Mishel seeks advice from her daughter and sister to get some more perspective on Steve.

Mishel finally realises she’s been stuck in a Steve bubble this whole time and is ready to break free.

Lizzie leans on her parents for advice and they’re still caught up on Seb’s career path and finances.

Steve says he’d be shocked if Mishel turned around and said she didn’t want him in her life.

Steve and Mishel exchange their vows, with Steve saying he’d love Mishel until his last breath. Mishel responds by finally giving Steve a serve and dumping his ass.

The world’s most awkward silence follows. Mishel relishes in her newfound freedom.

Seb and Lizzie exchange their vows and after a little dramatic tease from Lizzie, they both sealed the deal with a big old pash.