married at first sight tweets recap

Tonight’s Messy ‘Married At First Sight’ Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

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Good evening, fam! We’re back for the final dates from the couples still remaining in this nonsense experiment we call Married at First Sight.

With only Booka and Brett exiting last night, we are left with far too many couples heading to final vows this year. Like seriously, Jake and Rebecca act like strangers, and I keep forgetting intruders Liam, Georgia, Johnny and Kerry even exist. Sure, they all seem cute but we’ve seen too little of them to actually get invested in their love stories.

Most of tonight’s drama surrounded Bryce, which is shocking!! Bryce embroiled in controversy? Never! Tonight’s action kicked off when Melissa met up with Bryce’s friends and she quizzed them about Rebecca’s claims that Bryce had bought a gift for a secret girlfriend. This is where things got dicey: while Bryce’s friends didn’t say anything to Melissa’s face, once she left the room they could be heard admitting that Bryce had indeed lied and the whole gift story was true. It was truly thrilling television.

On the flip side, in a TV moment that none of us asked for, Patrick and Belinda took their relationship to a new level after sharing (another!) bath. Seriously, these two need to be banned from baths for the foreseeable future, or at least until I can afford another appointment with my therapist.

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold via hilarious tweets:

Everyone is reeling from Rebecca’s choice to vote “leave” at the commitment ceremony. However, Rebecca and Jake don’t get a chance to discuss her decision before she has to leave the experiment to take care of her sick dog.

Patrick plans a romantic gift for Belinda, buying her a white jersey that says ‘MAFS‘ on it. Umm…keep it! Belinda meets Patrick on a cricket ground and surprises her with a marching band.

The romance continues, as they share a candlelit dinner and Patrick drags Belinda’s feelings out of her. She eventually admits she’s falling for Patrick and they share another bath.

Liam plans a glamorous night for Georgia, dressing in a tux and planning a fancy dinner. They both admit that they’re unsure if their relationship will survive beyond the experiment. Out of the blue, Georgia questions Liam over whether “he needs dick” in his life.

Bryce decides to take Melissa back to Canberra for their final date to meet his friends. Melissa asks his mates about the rumour that Bryce has a secret girlfriend and their silence is deafening.

However, the mood changes after Melissa and Bryce leave. In a revealing moment, Bryce’s friends are heard saying that Bryce has lied about the alleged girlfriend and that the gift story is true. Oop!