Harrison Boon Was A Massive Red Flag On Married At First Sight

A Running List Of All Of ‘MAFS’ Dweeb Harrison’s Red Flags

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The Harrison-hate-train on Married At First Sight has been non-stop, with everyone jumping on board for loads of reasons.

To give you a quick rundown on who the hell this man is: Harrison Boon is a groom on this year’s MAFS, and the experts paired him with online beauty educator, Bronte Schofield.

Not even one full episode into the season, Harrison was already wrapped in drama due to him having a girlfriend a week before his wedding. The whole debacle was a steaming hot mess, but girlfriend-gate turned out to be a minuscule speed bump compared to everything else Bronte faced in her reality TV relationship with Harrison.

MAFS fans have had nothing nice to say about Harrison, with viewers calling him out almost every episode for his toxic behaviour.

But if you’re not really following along, Punkee has compiled a running list of all the red flag moments from Harrison’s journey on Married at First Sight. The list is… the list is long!

Here are the moments on Married at First Sight when Harrison was a walking red flag:

1. The way he introduced himself on MAFS 

From the moment he was introduced on MAFS, we knew Harrison was going to be trouble. Literally as he walked into the the bucks’ night, Harrison said that he should’ve been dropped off at the hens’ instead. Okay champ.

During his introduction package, Harrison spoke about how ‘girls think he’s hot’. He also said, “if you find a better guy, I’ll beat them by 10 percent,” like some sort of Bunnings promotion. Hard pass.

2. The copious amounts of cologne he sprayed

On his wedding day, Harrison used about half his bottle of cologne before the ceremony. It was overkill and fans were worried he was going to combust during the wedding.

Idk about you, but a man thinking he needs to overdo it with cologne always reeks (metaphorically and literally) of fuckboi energy.

3. Harrison’s first impression at the wedding

While waiting at the aisle for his new bride, Bronte’s sister, Kirra, told Harrison “You’re a lucky man,” and he responded with, “She’s not doing too badly herself.”

The response from Harrison had Kirra labelling him as “cocky.” What a way to impress the in-laws!

4. Harrison’s girlfriend-gate

Bronte and Harrison’s special day was ruined after Bronte’s wedding guest, Jessica, revealed that Harrison had a girlfriend up until the wedding. When Bronte confronted Harrison about this, instead of confessing to everything, he made excuses like saying “I’m a single guy in Sydney.”

Bronte brought up her valid concerns, but Harrison fired back with “why are you attacking me over it?” and accused her of “blindsiding,” him. Yikes.

5. The problems in the sheets

Once Bronte and Harrison moved on from girlfriend-gate on their honeymoon, they seemed to be getting along. After a beautiful day out on their honeymoon, the pair got intimate, but the next morning it seemed that sex only drove them apart.

Bronte attempted to talk to Harrison about it but instead he said that he wanted to spend time apart. Instead of communicating and trying to resolve their relationship issues… he ran away. Big yikes.

6. The honesty box saga

After spending the day apart, Bronte and Harrison met up for dinner and they were faced with the honesty box.

A question from the box asked about sexual chemistry and Harrison told Bronte that he didn’t find her sexually attractive. The answer left Bronte in tears, and when she cried, Harrison called her out for being emotional. And even though Harrison was the one who asked to spend the day apart, he then claimed he’s the only one trying to communicate — a damn lie!

7. The first dinner party

At this year’s first dinner party, Harrison was called out for the girlfriend drama by fellow bride Melinda. In an attempt to save himself from the grilling, Harrison tried to blame Bronte for their relationship issues, claiming that she doesn’t communicate or put effort into their marriage. OFC the rest of the women saw through it and identified his behaviour as textbook gaslighting.

8. The first day in their apartment

TBH this list feels like I’m just recapping the episodes, but we’re not lying when we say almost every episode Harrison does something that is toxic AF.

Bronte and Harrison were the last couple to move into their apartment. Instead of talking about the chaotic dinner party, Harrison attempted to distract Bronte with a small cake in hopes of sweeping things under the rug, but when Bronte tried to bring it up, they broke out in another argument which caused Bronte to escape to their bathroom.

Again, Harrison accused Bronte of not wanting communicate saying that she’s “irrational” and that she was “making communication impossible.”

9. Harrison lied about himself

During the photo ranking challenge in Confessions Week, Bronte talked about how she wanted a man that was “sensitive and empathetic,” and he replied “you’re looking at him.” LIES.

10. He called Bronte “unattractive” again

Harrison called Bronte “unattractive,” because she got upset during another argument over their differing love languages. SIDE EYE.

11. The first commitment ceremony

During their first commitment ceremony, Harrison revealed that he hadn’t seen Bronte for a few weeks and that the break ‘felt like a holiday.’

Alessandra then called Harrison out for snapping at Bronte when she brought up the scandal with his ex-girlfriend. During the commitment ceremony, Harrison voted to leave and Bronte chose to stay.

12. He accused Bronte of “gaslighting”

The next day, Bronte revealed that Harrison was originally going to write “stay” after he texted her that he wasn’t leaving the experiment. He then accused Bronte of “gaslighting” because he actually texted that he “wasn’t going anywhere”.

HARRISON. That’s not how gaslighting works!!! It almost as if he’s gaslighting Bronte by calling her a gaslighter. Major toxic energy.

13. Their date fail

After the grooms has a quick lesson on intimacy with Alessandra, they were tasked with a date night. OFC Bronte rejected Harrison’s attempts at a date, so he takes himself out with a framed picture from their wedding day, and tbh, it felt like he did it for the cameras.

He thought he really did something. LOL.

14. He threw another groom under the bus

During the already tense second dinner party, Janelle revealed that she overheard a conversation that Dan had received a phone number from a girl during a boys night out. Not knowing what to do with the info, Janelle pulled Tahnee for some insight. Harrison caught wind of Janelle’s intel after Adam spilled the beans to him, but in a (not surprising) plot twist, Harrison was actually the one who received the lady’s phone number.

But with Dan taking all the heat, Harrison decided to just go with it by telling Janelle and Tahnee that he would talk to Dan about it. When Harrison told Bronte about the phone number saga and Lyndall questioned him, Bronte defends Harrison… despite everything listed above!

Unfortunately, Dan was thrown under the bus by Harrison. Not only did he ruin Dan’s credibility with his lies, but he potentially ruined a whole marriage. Yikes.

We’ve literally recapped the whole season, but it’s only because every damn episode Harrison has been the worst, and not just to his wife but also his cast mates.

Love it or hate it, this season is the perfect educational show to learn what to avoid in a relationship.

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