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Jessika Cracked On To Cyrell’s Hubby Nic On Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ & Viewers Are Losing It

Just when we thought Married at First Sight’s biggest villains Ines and Sam had left the show, along came Jessika. Like, wow. That was a lot.

In tonight’s episode Jess seemed to be on heat and decided with Martha that she was going to crack onto Nic…you know Nic who is married to Cyrell.

“If you feel something for Nic, I’m big on vibes,” Martha said as she egged on Jess.

Jess went ahead and grabbed Nic for a private convo. She tried to suss out how well he and Cyrell were going before quickly dropped this bomb on him. “I just wanted to see how you were feeling, like, because along the way I have sort of developed some sort of feeling towards you,” she said.

Nic was shook. “I didn’t know this was what I was getting myself into coming into this conversation,” he said. “I feel awkward.”

So do we tbh. “I think there’s a lot of great qualities about you,” Jess butted in, before Nic started to get awkward, rambling “Oh my God. Oh my God,” over and over, before shutting that shit down.

“This is making me uncomfortable because I am married and I want to do the right thing by Cyrell. I don’t even think we should be having this conversation. I don’t think it’s appropriate,” Nic told Jess. She giggled like he just showed her a cat GIF. It was weird.

Predictably, the Twittersphere has exploded over Jess’ dodgy actions: