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Everyone Is Taking The Piss Out Of Jules & Cam’s Televised Wedding

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It was the most anticipated televised nuptials since the royal wedding, Married At First Sight’s most beloved couple Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant got married…again!

The whole event, including the planning, bachelorette/bachelor parties along with the wedding itself, aired last night in a special on A Current Affair…which was a bit freakin’ weird.

While the episode itself was not super interesting or drama-filled, most of the fun went down on Twitter with viewers taking the piss out of the whole extravaganza.

Because let’s be real, we can all appreciate that Jules and Cam probably agreed to let their wedding be filmed to avoid footing the bill for the entirety of the big day. Gotta respect the hustle.

Here are some viewers roasting the TV wedding:

It wasn’t all negative, with some happy for the newly married couple:

Tbh, if a TV network offered to pay for my wedding, I’d jump at the chance. Make. It. Rain.