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Melissa From ‘MAFS’ Spills All The Tea On Instagram Over Jules Dumping Her As A Bridesmaid

Ahead of Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant’s wedding airing this week, their Married at First Sight co-star Melissa Carelli is spilling all the tea about being dumped as a bridesmaid.

The popular MAFS couple had their wedding — which will air as a two-part special on A Current Affair this week — over the weekend in Sydney. But among all the excitement, Jules’ ex-bestie Mel posted this to Instagram:

“Yes the rumours are true. Yes Jules dumped me as a bridesmaid. No I wasn’t at the wedding event of the year.”

While this isn’t the first occasion Mel has spoken about this, spilling some tea to NW last month, this is the only time she’s addressed it on her Instagram. She went on to explain what actually happened in a thread of Instagram stories. Here are some of the highlights:

“I’ve had so many messages and people keep asking me what the story is. So yes, it is true, Jules dumped me as a bridesmaid. As for why, I’m honestly not sure,” Mel said.

“She kept changing her reasons and none of them made sense. It really all just came out of the blue and yeah, I didn’t see it coming at all. Of course, you’re allowed to change your mind about who you want as a bridesmaid, but I just feel like the way it was done was really cold and rather hurtful,” she said.

married at first sight mel jules

“I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a public way, and also that the wedding had been sold to Channel 9 so was going to get televised, which is obviously a very public way of having a wedding, so I guess it just makes the public dumping of you as a bridesmaid for no reason that little bit more embarrassing, hurtful, confusing,” she wrote.

“I wish I was never asked to be a bridesmaid in the first place so I wasn’t in this position,” she said, before finishing with, “Regardless, I wish them both well and hope they have a great wedding.”

Some of Mel’s fellow MAFS brides and grooms have empathised with her, with Tamara Joy, Ning Surasiang and Mike Gunner posting comments on her Instagram photo.

married at first sight mel jules

As Mel posted her side of the story, Jules posted a picture with her new hubby and Heidi Latcham who (for those playing at home) was asked to be a bridesmaid on the reality show and was not dumped, like Mel.

According to the Daily Mail, the only MAFS cast members to attend the wedding over the weekend were Heidi, Nic Jovanovic and Cyrell Paule.