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Tonight’s Truly Hectic ‘MAFS’ Reunion Dinner Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

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The messiest night of reality TV of the year is here! Tonight saw the Married at First Sight reunion dinner kick off and guess what? Not a drop of wine was spilled!!

It’s almost as if we’re all growing up. Nah, jokes. Tonight was dominated by messy arguments breaking out between well, everyone. It was Coco against Samantha, who was against Cameron, who was against Sam, who was against Bryce, who was against Booka, should I go on?

It was a real shitshow, so let’s try to make sense of it all by going through the episode’s best tweets.

Tonight’s hectic Married at First Sight reunion dinner retold via hilarious tweets:

We’re back baby, and a few months have past since the final vows. And yes, Belinda is still dressing terribly and Patrick is now matching her. Jake and Rebecca have split up. This is brand new information!!!

On a happier note, Kerry and Johnny are still together, while Alana and Jason have broken up! Alana reveals Jason dumped her over text, but at least our queen is now free. On a sadder note, Melissa and Bryce are still dating — and even living together. Yikes.

It’s reunion dinner party time! All the past contestants arrive, and Liam just straight-up snubs Georgia when he walks in. Things get even more tense when Melissa and Bryce enter the room, as the majority aren’t enthused to see the controversial couple.

The contestants finally sit down and there’s awkward vibes between Alana and Jason, as she tells the girls he dumped her via text. Jason claims he couldn’t have dumped her as they err…”were never together”. Sure, hon.

A noticeable absence from dinner is Cameron, but he eventually rocks up at the last minute. Sam confronts Cam for dissing him on the show, while Samantha calls out Coco for her relationship with Cam.

Bryce claims his alleged secret girlfriend called Melissa to deny everything. However, Booka tells a different story, claiming that the woman was told by Bryce to deny their relationship. Either way, Melissa doesn’t care. Bec then turns the tables on Jake and Booka – she says they apparently kissed on NYE and that’s why she broke up with Jake. Sounds fake but OK.

Bring on Sunday night’s finale!