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‘Married At First Sight’ Bride Selina Has Already Starred In A Suspiciously Similar Show

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Selina Chhaur won over a legion of fans upon her Married at First Sight debut last night for her bubbly and infectious personality.

Sadly, her groom didn’t feel the same. Hairdresser Selina was matched with personal trainer Cody Bromley on Wednesday night’s episode of MAFS, but while Selina was thrilled with her new husband, Cody did not match her enthusiasm.

Their wedding was all kinds of awkward, with Selina being extremely chatty while Cody just smiled uncomfortably. Things got even worse on their honeymoon, as the dreaded honesty box reared its ugly head. Cody was asked whether he was attracted to his new wife, and he replied, “‘I don’t know why I’m struggling a bit with the sexual attraction,” before dropping a truly baffling admission: “It’s like my schlong isn’t coordinating with my head.” Ugh, OK!

Selina was left visibly upset and we truly felt for her.

Hopefully, Cody can make amends as their honeymoon continues but the damage might already be done. But one thing is for sure: fans are low-key obsessed with Selina, as she comes across as extremely genuine and likeable on TV. And it turns out she is no stranger to reality TV: in fact, she has already appeared on a suspiciously similar show to MAFS back in 2019.

Selina was a contestant on Channel 7’s ill-fated The Proposal, a reality dating show where people ask potential partners questions from behind a screen before choosing the person they want to propose to. The show only lasted one season after drawing disappointing ratings.

In contrast to Cody’s not-so-keen reaction to Selina, the hairdresser was a coveted choice on the Channel 7 reality show, even getting asked to be married by two different men. Get it, gurl! Selina ended up becoming engaged to Love Island star Aaron Shaw but their relationship didn’t translate off-screen.

Check out Selina’s two proposals below:

Given Selina’s reality TV history, it looks like she is well and truly prepared for Married at First Sight — she is ready to commit to someone and give it her all. Let us just hope that Cody puts in a little more effort in the coming episodes.